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Summer Destinations Perfect for Black Families

You are done with work and your kids are off from school which only means one thing! Time to get away! Of course, we all have our busy schedules. It might be tough to squeeze in a small vacation when you can. You don’t need thousands of dollars to enjoy a trip with your family. You can always find family-fun things to do that won’t break the bank. Here is a list of quick, fun, and educational trips perfect for black families.

Greenville, South Carolina

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Travel to the deep south where most African American roots are born. The city is a great hub for the thriving arts community. You can even enjoy the delicious food and classic jazz tunes. The Greenville Cultural Exchange Center is a museum on African American history that black families will enjoy to explore.

Washington, D.C

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The U.S. capitol is a quick and fun trip with an endless amount of activities. The recently opened National Museum of African American History and Culture is a fantastic spot for black families. The museum gives you the chance to learn more about the achievements of the individuals who helped shape this country’s legacy. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also  be able to see various artifacts, art, and history on the African Diaspora.  

America’s Historic Triangle, Virginia

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Made up of Yorktown, Colonial Williamsburg,  and Jamestown, these three points are important places of African American history dating back to 1619. To visit the African American Experiecnce, head to Williamsburg. If you want to see the earliest colonial settlement, take the quick trip to Williamsburg. Freedom Park offers visitors a look into the lives of African Americans and former slaves during the18th century. The historic triangle does offer a variety of entertainment and other activities. Of course, you can always visit fun hot spots like Virginia Beach Busch Gardens!

Baltimore, Maryland

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Are you a fan of the HBO show, The Wire? If so, why not take a vacation to explore the city! Baltimore is more than just a TV/filming location. Baltimore offers black families a chance to get in touch with their culture’s roots. Some fun places to visit for the kids would be the The National Great Blacks Wax Museum. The older members would enjoy The Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture and The Eubie Blake Cultural Center. These are ideal locations for the adults to enjoy jazz concerts and exhibits on the city’s history of ragtime.

Summers are perfect for getaways. While you can always go to the beach, it’s always great to hit up famous spots where you and your family can learn more about your culture, especially, if they are located right in your own backyard.

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