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4 Places Every Black Squad Should Visit In Their Lifetime

As adults, we no longer have summer breaks like we did in school. You have to schedule your vacation days yourselves, especially if you are your own boss. Regardless, when summer rolls around, you know it’s the perfect time to plan that perfect vacay with your girls. Choosing a destination can be tough but there are some places that every group of friends should go to that can strengthen your friendship circle. Plus, traveling helps you to get out of your comfort zone and we are all here for it. Here are few places we believe every black girl squad needs to visit at some point in their lives.


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Every black girl squad needs to head to the island and enjoy themselves in the island sun. The Caribbean island is known for the delicious food, lively music, and the beautiful warm beaches! You could head to Kingston to visit the Bob Marley museum or experience the exciting nightlife in Negril.


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All women of color need to go to Brazil at least once because the country values blackness and the African diaspora. Everywhere you go there is a burst of energy that celebrates African culture. This ranges from samba, a genre of music born from Brazil’s black neighborhoods, to the blend of cultures seen in the food, arts, and dancing.

South Africa

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Visiting South Africa would make for a great vacation. Who doesn’t want to go on a safari at least once in their life? From enjoying the sun, Zulu dancing, and the beautiful wildlife, South Africa has a rich black history that can make any black traveler feel at home.

Whether you want to explore your country or leave it all together, there are so many fantastic places that can satisfy your wanderlust. Grab your friends, book a flight, and see how black culture is lifted up in far places! By the end, you’ll learn more about yourself and your roots.

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