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Stylish Bedroom Decor

Written By: Girl Tyler

New seasons are all about change. Come fall, you can always expect leaves to change colors, a dip in temperatures, cute boot season, and a national pumpkin spice frenzy! As the world around you evolves, you deserve a change of scenery. Start with your bedroom! Here are a few items that will help give your sleeping palace a fresh face.

String Lights

Your favorite social media stars always seem to get the light exactly right on their photos and in videos. Awaken your bedroom with colored lights to match your mood. Remote controlled or strobe, you decide! Ask an adult for permission to string them around the ceiling. You can even try hanging them around a full-length wall mirror.

Pull Up A Chair

Cozy is the goal! When you’re winding down from a busy day, pull up a comfy thinking chair. Who said bean bag chairs are old school? They’re like a second bed only smaller and they fit the shape of your body. Use the bean bag chair or an oversized backrest pillow as a gaming, reading, or homework spot. No room for a new chair? No sweat! Another option is to relax in your bed surrounded by accent or faux-fur pillows.

Wall Art

Think of your wall as a personal museum dedicated to your personality. Showcase your favorite things with vintage movie and album posters or vinyl decals (the kind that won’t leave permanent residue!). You can also hang frameless wall photos to show off your favorite moments with the people you cherish the most.

Essential Diffuser

In recent years, essential oil diffusers have become super popular as a way to replace dry, stuffy air with soothing fragrances. There are countless designs to choose from, including diffusers with color changing LED lights, stardust glass, wood grain finish or even a himalayan salt lamp. Opt for neutral or warm autumn colors (golden brown, reds with orange undertones, emerald, teal, etc.)

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