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Owning Your Phenomenal Woman Status

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

Auntie Maya penned one of the most amazing and real poems of all time when she blessed the world with “Phenomenal Woman”. This ode to the essence of our “Black Girl Magic” still resonates in the hearts of Sistas all around the planet. We will always reflect on these fabulous words that made the world know, what we always knew: We are ALL. OF. THAT. In homage to Auntie Maya and to celebrate Izzy and Liv being on a mission of promoting positivity among black women for 3 years (our anniversary was April 2020, Y’all!), let’s live the words of Auntie Maya. Here is how you can commit to owning your “Phenomenal Woman” status every single day:

Give Them Face

It is totally up to you to decide whether you want to beat your face using a palette of your most complimentary colors, or whether you opt to let your natural glow shine through. Whatever you decide to do, give it to them with confidence and class. The Izzy and Liv Lip Gloss Set gives you exactly what you need to keep those luscious lips on point. As Auntie Maya mused, they might not be ready for the “sun” of your smile but let them have it anyway!

Show Them the Grace of Your Style

Wear what you want to wear, but never, ever let them pigeon-hole you into being who they want you to be. Every Phenomenal Woman has her own flare. You may go from sporting an Izzy and Liv Brown Sugar Babe Barcode T-Shirt with a pencil skirt one day, to rocking a poncho with boots the next. That’s your style and it’s all good! Move through your day feeling self-assured about your choices and remember that your look is ALL YOU!

Carry Yourself with Confidence

Try not to take the power of your daily affirmation lightly. It can be cathartic and, sometimes, even necessary, for you to reflect on the amazingness of YOU. From the moment you are blessed to wake, remind yourself of the fabulousness that is inside of you. Auntie Maya called it the “inner mystery” that others cannot touch or fully understand. Can I get an Amen?! Then, Sis, after you’ve wrapped your mind around being the best YOU ever, step out with your head held high. Chances are, everybody already knows that you’re a Brown Sugar Babe (especially if you’re sporting the Brown Sugar Babe Commemorative Enamel Pin in this month’s box), but remember, you are also a Phenomenal Woman. Own it!

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