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Looking for Love in the Mirror: 5 Ways to Love Yourself

Now that it’s February, you might be looking for someone to love you, especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. If you’re not in a relationship or don’t have a prospective date, you might want to focus on loving yourself.

It’s easy to tell single people that they won’t find someone to love them until they love themselves, so why not make sure you love yourself in the best way possible? Check out these 5 ways on how to love yourself!

Get Pampered

Ways to Love Yourself

photo via La Spa de Rouge

Nothing says you love yourself more than getting pampered. We’ve all been there when we have a rough day, week, month at work, and if you feel like you’re in a never-ending cycle, get pampered! Work and responsibilities often stress us out and when they start to pile on, we often forget to love ourselves and make sure we’re okay!

If you feel like spoiling yourself, set up a session at a spa! Settle in for a special treatment and make sure you don’t leave without a massage. Continue the pampering with a mani/pedi or an appointment at the hair salon. Nothing says “I love myself” more than looking your absolute best.

Gift Yourself

Ways to Love Yourself

photo via The Real Real

Instead of getting pampered, you might want something you can hold on to, so why not get yourself a present? Massages are nice, but often times, we want something concrete that we can hold or wear. When you’re gifting yourself, you don’t always have to be practical! There’s no problem with splurging on yourself every once in a while. If you’ve been pining after a pair of new pumps, buy them! If you’ve been salivating over a handbag through the store window, walk in! Small gifts to yourself will remind you that you love yourself and you’re worthy of a few gifts occasionally.

Exercise/Eat Healthy

Ways to Love Yourself

photo via Black Enterprise

Although nothing says you love yourself more than a little pampering, nothing feels that way more than dieting and exercising. If you were to ask anyone who exercises regularly, they’d probably tell you that getting to the gym is the hardest part, but the glow and confidence you feel afterwards is worth it.

When people diet, they focus on the first three letters, but as cliché as it sounds, it’s really a lifestyle change. No one is telling you to cut out junk and fast food completely, but when you think about all the fat, grease, and preservatives you’re letting into your body, it’s best to keep them to a minimum. Changing your activity and meals isn’t meant to be difficult. It’s meant to show your body that you love it by wanting to take care of it.


Ways to Love Yourself

photo via The Daily Beast

The older we get, the fewer vacations it seems that we take. We’re flooded with work and responsibilities, and we make it so we feel guilty about taking a vacation. DON’T! Everyone needs a little rest and relaxation or else the weekend wouldn’t exist! Take a long weekend and travel! The world is changing and often it feels as though it’s passing us by. Use your vacation days and instead of staying at home and cleaning, book a trip to an exotic location!

Tell Yourself

As weird as it may sound, a great way to love yourself is by telling yourself that. When we look on the TV and on social media, we’re flooded with images of women who have the “perfect” lips, hair, body, and wardrobe. By being bombarded with these images, we’re opening up the doors to think we don’t match up.

The same way we expect others to tell us they love us, we have to expect it from ourselves. Sure, we all have parts of our body we wish we could change or tweak, but focus on what you love, and the other parts will measure up.

If you love yourself, comment and say “YASSSS.” Also comment on how you love yourself!

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