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Celebrating Black Love: Couples We Admire from the Past & Present

It’s the official day of love and everywhere you look, couples are shouting out their spouses, significant others, boyfriends, girlfriends, and bae’s. Love is truly in the air. In honor of this special day and in our continuing celebration of black history month, we wanted to share our favorite couples who are all of our “#relationshipgoals”. Here are just a few couples, from the past and the present that embody the beauty of black love.


Black Love

Photo via dallasexaminer

Martin Luther and Coretta Scott King

Of all the couples on this list, this one may be the most inspiring of them all. Affectionately and appropriately considered the first couple of the civil rights movement, Martin and Coretta were one of the first black married couples to gain national recognition not only for their work in civil rights but for their representation of black marriage. Where many narratives regarding the Kings focus on Martin Luther King, we want to take a moment to recognize Coretta for her support, determination, and dedication to the movement, her family, and her husband. What both of them had to endure for each other may be the closest thing to unconditional love we see in this lifetime.

John and Eunice Johnson

Black Love

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The founding couple of black publishing. Or at least, that’s how I think of John and Eunice in my mind. As a writer and a lover of media, though, I might be a bit biased. This may be one of the lesser known couples on our list but their contributions to black media have impacted our society in a major way. In 1942, just a year after getting married, John and Eunice started Johnson Publishing Company. The company that would go on create Ebony and Jet Magazine, and Fashion Fair Cosmetics. We love them not only for the Jet Beauty of the Week but for being a powerhouse black couple in business!


Barack and Michelle Obama

Black Love

Photo via The Daily Beast

The first black couple of the United States will be in hearts forever. Barack and Michelle represented many things during their time in the White House but one of the most memorable was their love for each other and those beautiful first daughters! Along with breaking barriers in race and transforming our country for the better, Barack and Michelle showed us and our children that anything is possible and that black love is EVERYTHING.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

Black Love

Photo via Uptown Magazine

Will and Jada will forever be my #blacklove and #blackparent goals. We love them for bringing their talents to the big and small screens but even mores for their dedication to each other, their marriage, and their children over the years. Jada was one of the first “celebrity” women that I saw displaying the intricasies of blended family life in a way that LOVE at the center. And can we talk about the Smith kids for a moment? People gonna have their opinions but me, personally, love how they promote #blackboyjoy and #carefreeblackgirl in their children. YES!

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