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Izzy & Liv’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I can honestly say that I will always love my momma and she will always be my favorite girl. The words to that song ring so true, especially when it’s Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is our opportunity to shower the women, who mean the most to us in this world, with beautiful reminders of why we care so much for them. It’s their day! Of course, your mother will always be a Queen. On Mother’s Day, she gets to flex that title all the more, and you get to make it a day that she won’t soon forget.

There are not many rules for buying a great Mother’s Day gift. Pretty much, just make sure that the gift is for your momma or to celebrate your momma. So, to give you a little help with finding something that will perfectly compliment your mother and those other mothers in your life, who mean the world to you, check out our Mother’s Day gift guide:

Izzy & Liv Mother’s Day Bundle Box

We have put together some of our absolute favorite items for this bundle box. In it you will find ER’THING to let those special women know that they are loved and appreciated…not only on Mother’s Day, but everyday!

Want a great cookbook? We’ve got the Carla Hall Cookbook in there! What about a beautiful brooch for all of those fancy functions that she attends? We’ve got that covered, too? Our Mother’s Day Bundle Box features nine amazing Izzy and Liv items that would retail for over $148. But, we even have just for Mother’s Day pricing for this one at just $40! Quantities are limited, so you better get yours today!

How About Some Special Tees For The Mommas

T-Shirts are so en vogue that they can now be dressed up or down. They have also become statement items for some people. We have so many fabulous t-shirts to choose from at Izzy & Liv, and we really do have something for everyone’s taste!

If your momma is a bit nostalgic, she might love our afrocentric tees that feature afros and powerful black images. For the mothers with a bit of sass, we have a few statement tees that will allow them to really express themselves. Uh, some mommas have no chill and we love them for it, most of the time! Whether she’s proclaiming that she is “Flawless” or if she’s putting those hips out there unapologetically, we have a tee for that!

A Few Choice Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For the Bougie

Your momma might be that Ebony Fashion Fair queen, that bougie auntie to the others, or the Mother who is all about her style and look. If you are shopping for a mother like that, we’ve got you covered. Ain’t nothing wrong with being high post!  Our High Sidity compact mirror is just the Mother’s Day gift for the woman of class.

Let the world know what your momma means to you with our “Queen” nameplate bracelet. She deserves all of the adoration and love that comes along with that title. You can be sure that she will love this bit of bling that’s giving her the honor that she is due.

Get Her A Star Quality Ensemble

YASSS, Mommy! WERK! This Mother’s Day, gift your mother with an ensemble that will make everyone stop and admire her. Wrap her up in something funky and stylish like our Blue and Plaid poncho, which is great for all types of weather. Couple that with our floppy hat and your mother will most definitely be ALL. OF. THAT!

Ultimately, you are likely trying to convey one message to that special lady in your life this Mother’s Day. You want her know that she is a real life “SHERO.” Don’t just tell her that on Mother’s Day, though. Make the effort to always show her some love. That is the Mother’s Day gift that she will appreciate that more than you will ever realize.


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