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Holiday Gift Guide for Him – Boyfriends & Husbands

‘Tis the season to be jolly! It’s also the season for giving! We know how hard it is shopping for the perfect Christmas gifts so we decided to share a few gift guides to cover you for all the people in your life. Make sure you check here over the next week as we share a new gift guide each day. First up, gifts for bae!

If you’re stuck trying to find the best Christmas present for your beau, you’ve come to the right place! Depending on the taste and style of your man, you might have a few ideas, but here are a few more to get you in the right ballpark! Check out our picks for our holiday gift guide for your boyfriend or husband.

Clothes for Work

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

If you’re dating or married to a corporate man, he can never have a shortage of work clothes. Why not add to his collection? This is definitely something he needs and could take pride in! Everyone loves a powerful looking man on his way to work, so why not add to his appeal? By buying your guy some nice suits or dress shirts for work, he’ll definitely feel more powerful and ready as he heads into the office! Don’t forget to add a few ties and socks to the list!

Cologne Subscription

Holiday Gift Guide for Him: Cologne Subscription

Your man might love to look good which means he probably loves smelling amazing. The next best thing to a man that looks amazing is a man that smells amazing. If your man is after a new scent, you can try getting him a cologne subscription with Scentbird. Each month, he can pick which cologne he wants to be sent, and they’ll send a 30 day sample for $14.95. Not only will this help you save money on cologne, but you’ll be able to try countless of scents before settling on one.


Holiday Gift Guide for Him: Liquor

You can’t go wrong with liquor! Whether your man likes to sip it with his friends or collect it, this is a great gift! If you’re feeling extra nice, you can give him a drinking set along with it!

Shaving Kit

Holiday Gift Guide for Him: Shaving Kit

Another way for your man to keep looking good for you! If he’s always waiting for his haircut appointment or randomly shaving with razors, why not give him a shaving kit? Now he’ll have all the tools he needs for a nice, close shave that will leave his face smooth enough to kiss all day! Get fancy and customize the kit with products from a few unique and indie brands or grab a Bevel subscription and make everyone’s life easier.


Holiday Gift Guide for Him: Shoes

You can tie this in with his work wardrobe or just do it separately! No outfit is complete without the right shoes, so you can definitely splurge on a nice pair of shoes for him. Whether he’s wearing them to work or for a romantic night out, he’ll definitely get use out of them.


Holiday Gift Guide for Him: Sneakers

It’s no secret that almost every man would love a pair of Jordans. This Christmas, why not gift your man with a pair? It might be ridiculous to own 20 pairs especially when you consider their price, but if your guy is a sneakerhead, he’ll love the gift more than anything.


Holiday Gift Guide for Him: Speakers

If your man is a music junkie or like most of this Earth’s population, chances are he likes listening to music so why not buy him speakers? He might like to have functions at his house or he might need music to set the background of his football parties or poker matches, so feel free to splurge on speakers like the Beats Pill.


Holiday Gift Guide for Him: Wallet

One of the signs of a powerful man is his wallet. Although most people are more interested in what’s on the inside, the quality of his wallet is also important so you can add this to the list!


Holiday Gift Guide for Him: Watch

He’ll never have to wonder again what time it is. Sure, everyone can use their phone to tell the time, but as much as we love them, iPhones aren’t as sleek and stylish as a watch. This is a great item to add to any gift guide because it can work well with his regular and work attire.

Bonus Gift: Lingerie

This is the gift that just keeps on giving! While he might think you’re only gifting him, you’re gifting both of you! By giving your man lingerie, you can gift yourself and make yourself feel sexy while also giving him the best gift to unwrap – you!

That concludes our holiday gift guide for him! Don’t be afraid to splurge on your man! The spirit of Christmas is in the air and there’s nothing wrong with showing him how much you love him!

In the comments below, let us know what you’re thinking of gifting your man with!

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