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Holiday Gift Guide for Your Best Friend!

You might not have a million friends, but its quality over quantity! Hopefully you have that best friend you can always count on, and you might be looking to show her how much you love her and appreciate her friendship. This Christmas, you might be hoping to gift her with the best present, and if you need a few ideas, check out our list below!


Holiday Gift Guide for Your Best Friend: Champagne

Let’s have a toast to all the amazing memories of 2016 as well as for the ones we’ll expect to make in 2017. You can definitely gift your friend with a set of champagne or wine! If your best friend is into décor, a set of champagne bottles will look beautiful in her home. She might also like to get her drink on, so these sets could also be perfect for her to break out when she’s having guests over!

Classic Romantic Movies

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Best Friend: Classic Movies

Your best friend might be a fan of rom-coms, so why not gift her with a few DVDs to add to her collection. If she loves the 90s, there are so many films you could choose from like Love Jones, Love and Basketball, and Poetic Justice. You could also never go wrong with classics like Waiting to Exhale and The Best Man.

If you’re feeling a bit more giving then just the DVDs, you can make it into a kit. You can add her favorite snacks and a bottle of wine to the gift to make it the perfect package for a night in.

Essence Beauty Box

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Best Friend: Essence Beauty Box

There are a lot of beauty subscription boxes out there, but let’s face it. Many of them are catered to women with paler complexions. If you want beauty products that are catered to melanin-infused women, the Essence Beauty Box is the perfect gift. If your best friend loves makeup and hair products, this is the gift for her. The Essence Beauty Box is catered to women of color so she’ll find a package filled with beauty and hair products catered to deeper skin tones and kinkier hair.

Long Distance Coffee Mug

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Best Friend: Long Distance Coffee Mug

Not all best friends are blessed with short distances between them. If you find that you and your best friend live further apart than you’d both like, this is a sweet and sentimental gift to send her. Easy to find on Etsy, you can find many of these long distance coffee mugs. Not only can you put hearts on the locations you’re both from, but you can choose a quote for the back of it.

Perfume Subscription

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Best Friend: Perfume Subscription

Sometime subscription packages are the best gifts to give because they are the gift that keeps on giving. If you and your best friend are in your twenties or thirties, you’re probably still trying to find your “signature” scent. You can definitely help your best friend accomplish this with a perfume subscription service like Scentbird. Not only will she be able to choose the exact perfume she wants to be sent monthly, but the site will also help her narrow down what kind of smells she likes and dislikes.

We hope this list has helped you narrow down some ideas to give your best friend! Christmas is the perfect time to show her your appreciation, so why not spend a little extra time coming up with an idea!

In the comments, let us know what you’re thinking of gifting your best friend!

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