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Holiday Desserts That Aren’t Sweet Potato Pie

The holidays are synonymous with eating. They just go hand-in-hand. All of the holiday desserts, and of course, the other food that will be presented during the holiday season are all sure to add some great memories to our lives. Food has an extremely powerful effect on us. When it’s good, we won’t stop talking about it. When it’s great, we have a memory that will withstand the test of time. Of course, when it’s bad, well, those turned over plates are sure to tell the story about that.

If your family is like most, you will gather for a special meal and your feast will come packed with recipe secrets and lots of love. We all know that Sweet Potato Pie is a staple for the holidays. In fact, it almost wouldn’t be a “real” holiday without at least one. But, there are so many other holiday desserts that aren’t Sweet Potato Pie that could add a new and fresh taste and experience to your celebration. Here are a few of our favorite “non sweet potato pie” desserts that you may want to add to your next family holiday gathering:

Red Velvet Cake

Southerners know all about Red Velvet Cake. To be honest, Red Velvet Cake is really just red chocolate flavored cake. But, when you top it with that cream cheese icing, it’s absolutely delicious! The key to having a great Red Velvet Cake is to make sure that your cake stays very moist. If it’s dry, the whole experience will be ruined, and side-eyes are sure to ensue. So, go ahead and add this to your list of holiday desserts.

Peach Cobbler

Peach Cobbler is the sweetest melding of cooked peaches and dumpling-like pie dough. This holiday dessert is usually prepared in a long casserole dish, allowing for it to be served as a deep dish type dessert. Some people like to top this warm and juicy dessert with ice cream or whipped cream. However you top it, just make sure the peaches are softened and the juice is not bitter.

Banana Pudding

You can never go wrong with an old time family favorite, Banana Pudding. Vanilla wafers, banana, whipped cream, and pudding make this dessert almost heavenly. This is one of those holiday desserts that your guests will want to take with them after the dinner is over. That’s just how that goes because everybody knows that Banana Pudding taste awesome the next day! So, be sure to have enough for your crowd.

Pound Cake

One of the greatest joys of childhood was tasting the cake batter of a buttery pound cake. Today, that’s not necessarily the best thing to do. But it sure was good back in the day! Consider adding a heavy, bundt pan baked Pound Cake to your holiday dessert table. Pound cake is that dessert that almost everybody will eat, even if they just get a “little taste” of it. There is always an Auntie or Grandma who will pull out some old relative’s Pound Cake recipe to make this for the family.

Pecan Pie

There is one pie that is sure to quench even the most craving sweet tooth. It’s soft, a little nutty, and super sweet! Pecan Pie is not for the faint of heart and it definitely packs tons of sugar. But, It’s delicious and one of the most perfect holiday desserts! That smooth inside will melt in your mouth. For many, Pecan Pie could end up being the ultimate dessert. However it goes, this sweet treat is sure to capture many new fans when added to the holiday dessert table.

Whichever dessert you decide to include in your family’s holiday celebration, it is sure to invoke smiles and happy thoughts. Remember, it’s not the desserts that make the holiday great. It’s the love that is shared among family that will make the event the sweetest ever!

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