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Black Fictional Career Women That We Love

Years ago, they just weren’t on the big or little screen. It’s like the world was void of awesome black fictional career women. The powers that be in “Hollywood” seemed to buy into the narrative that black women did not have to be shown working outside of the home or holding positions of any authority in the workplace. Why were they trying to hold us back like that?

Well, the time has come and the entertainment industry is starting to make inroads on featuring multidimensional black characters, and we LOVE it! Now, we are seeing black fictional career women doing their thing in the boardroom of corporations and even in the highest courtrooms. How fantastic it is to see scientists who are melanated and strong! Sometimes, seeing these characters inspires us to want to do more and be more. It’s been a long time coming, but we are so grateful that the time has come for us to shine.

Of course, we can attribute a lot of these amazing characters to phenomenal black female writers and directors. We shall never forget Shonda and Ava, and their superb talents. Their influence in the entertainment industry has allowed for the world to experience characters that are far more real and relatable to today’s black woman. They look like us in their many beautiful hues of brown, and they act like us. We all know someone who is the real life version, or extremely close to it, of some of these brilliant black fictional career women. We love these ladies:

Rainbow Johnson

Rainbow Johnson of Black-ish is an anesthesiologist. She has inspired countless little brown girls to pursue this awesome and high paying career. Through her experiences, we have learned a lot about what black female doctors encounter in the medical field. She provides great insight for all of us and a deeper appreciation for their work.

Cookie Lyons

Cookie Lyons is one of the hottest, and definitely the most hot-headed, black fictional career women on the show, Empire.  Nobody will ever stop her hustle! Everything about her is commanding…her voice, her clothing, and her position in the Lyons family and in the industry. She has us all taking notes on how to truly be A BOSS!

Issa Dee

Issa Dee of Insecure gives us a little perspective into the non-profit career track. We all have purpose. The ability to find it is what motivates us and helps us to become our best selves. But, along the way, we might have some bumps, bruises, ups, and downs. Issa brings all of that into view, in the most comedic way. Her character’s life is also a bit sobering for us. It makes us take a closer look at just how much one has to give while working for a non-profit. Money is not always the driving force behind everybody’s career.

Claire Huxtable

Claire Huxtable of the Cosby Show was the best…ever! When we think of one of our favorite attorneys, all that comes to mind is style, wittiness, confidence, and intelligence. Claire had all of that, and then some! She made little brown girls all over the planet want to become lawyers. Claire made balancing her incredible career and her family look easy, and we love how she would work things out. Claire kept everybody in their place, in the home and in the courtroom. She was one of the most amazing black fictional career women that we have ever seen and we will always love her.

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