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Glow Girls ONLY

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin


Not sure if you realize it yet, but you have tons and tons of potential inside of you. You have the potential to be a positive contributor and leader within your school and community. You have the potential to be a strong support for your family. You have the potential to be an absolutely fabulous teenager with the power to make this world a much better place for everybody to chill. Yup, you have all of that inside of you.

With all of that great stuff being said about you, what are you doing to make sure that nobody hinders you from turning all of that potential into the best life ever? Who do you hang with and how do they make you feel? These are super important questions as you grow. Remember, you are doing the things to become the grown woman that you want to be right they good habits and behaviors, or not-so-great pitfalls to your personal success. 

You are a young queen, and you have your whole future ahead of you. But, not only should you be really positive about all of the amazing things that your future will hold, your friends should be, too! Your squad can do more than grow up together. You can GLOW UP together also, and here’s how:

Make Positivity Your Squad Language.

Complimenting each other should be the norm with you and your girls. Whether it’s telling them how tight their fit is or even gushing over great they did something, your crew should always be able to find the good in each other. That’s extremely important.

Banish Negative Vibes.

 All of you will have some obstacles or struggles that you go through. You will need each other for support. You should be able to lean on each other without somebody putting a bunch of bad vibes in the mix. If you ever start to feel like a friend is bringing way too many negative vibes, address them and get it straight. You don’t want their negativity to bring you all down.

Find Happiness. Be Happy.

It feels amazing to be happy. There is something magical about being able to face this crazy, mixed up world with a smile. When you are happy, your inner light shines through and others can see it in you. Even if you have on one of those cute Izzy and Liv masks, your eyes will give your happy mood away! That’s the same kind of energy you want from your squad. So, do things together that gives all of you a sense of joy. Do that and you are sure to have the most lit times together!

Dress To Impress...YOURSELVES.

They say that clothes make the person. Well, clothes may not “make” you, but they can make you feel terrific. A fun way to show the world that you are the best of friends and still look really cute is to dress alike. It doesn’t matter if there are two in your squad or 20! Go for it! You can keep the squad look as simple as everybody wearing a funky tee like the Tie-Dye Izzy and Liv t-shirt, or go all out with a full set of gear that makes all of you look fabulous! Whatever you decide, just do it together. Everybody knows that you all will look good, for real. Glow girls will always come through!

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