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Brighten Your World With Positivity

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

Longer days, warmer weather, and flowers all over the place... Spring has definitely sprung and we are here for it! There is a freshness that comes with a new season that just makes life feel more exciting and full of positive possibilities. Can you feel that vibe in that air? Well, it’s out there and waiting for you. All of that being said, it’s definitely the perfect season for building yourself up and bringing a bit more sunshine into your life. You are a bundle of awesomeness and black girl magic, and you have so much to offer. Do you ever ask yourself what you can do to keep your self-confidence and happiness on point? Sis, it’s easier than you think, and we have some strategies to get you started on a path to an even more promising outlook for your life.

Here are 4 ideas for ways that you can brighten your world with positivity:


So, there are places that people like to go that give them gobs and gobs of joy when they are there. It can be any place that makes you feel super content and chill. If you don’t know where that is, look for it! It could be a favorite restaurant, the gym, or even a nook in your home. All that matters is that it’s a spot that helps you to focus on your own happiness. Once you find it, savor every moment that you are there. Everyone needs a happy place! That inner happiness will come through big time, and affect everything and everybody around you.


There is a belief that if you look good, you will feel good. That is also one way that you can maintain a positive attitude, by looking the part! Your whole world and outlook can change depending on how you feel about the way that you look. You could achieve a smile-worthy day simply by wearing something that is different or interesting. The Izzy and Liv tie-dye shirt in your Brown Sugar Box would be a perfect addition, and could be a key piece in creating an energized ‘fit.


One thing that makes the entire world seem more livable is when people do good things for others. Whether you decide to serve others through volunteer work or even if you just decide to help someone in your own family, the heart-warming satisfaction that you get from that will make your life feel amazing. When we show love, we feel love. Those positive thoughts and vibes are infectious, and can really create a greater sense of purpose in people. So, just do it and enjoy feeling absolutely phenomenal!


Whatever you put into your mind is what will start to come out of you. Commit to pouring positivity into yourself by reading books and watching things that give you a feeling of hope, happiness, and purpose. Repeating daily affirmations, sayings that you tell yourself about what makes you great and how you can have a fantastic and lit life, could really have a strong impact on your life. You have a light in you already. Try these strategies to make it shine even brighter, and fill your world with sweet feelings and tons of positivity.

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