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Editors’ Picks: Sweatshirt Love

One of the best accessories when the weather starts changing is a good sweatshirt. They’re easy to style, super comfortable, and have the ability to be a chic conversation starter if you’re rocking the right one. This month as we head into the holidays, all I’m thinking about is how to keep it cute and comfy as I load up on all the treats and sweets. Here are some of the ones I’m excited to wear:

Sweatshirt Love: Came to Sleigh

I Came to Sleigh – Yes, I am unapologetically that girl who is shopping for Christmas stuff before Halloween is over but in November, I go all out. Taking a cue from Queen Bee, I’ll be showing up at all the family events ready to “sleigh” and ready to eat in this cute sweatshirt.

Sweatshirt Love: Couples We Love

Couples We Love  – I will forever be here for a good celebration of black love. Fictional or real life alike. And because I love a good 90’s reference, this sweatshirt is one of my favorites. Shout out to all the black couples we love past and present.

More Issues Than Essence

More Issues than Essence – Who else can relate to going through it from time to time. On the days when all you can do is laugh about whatever is going on, throw on this sweatshirt, order a large pizza (for yourself), and chill.

Black is the New Black

Black is the New Black – You know, I always find it funny when I hear people say this or that is the “new black”. As we all know, nothing can replace blackness. For those who may have it confused, send them a gentle reminder with this cute number.

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