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5 Things to Do to Get Ready for the Holidays

Get Ready for the Holidays

Who else has been ready for the most wonderful time of the year before Halloween was over? Oh, just us? We’ll’ll admit, there’s just something about the feel of the last few months of the year where the air is crisp and cool all day and at night,  the city twinkles with the anticipation of Christmas. Around this time of year, all most of us want to do is soak up all the holiday excitement we can. To make the most of this season, here’s a few festive things to do to get ready for the holidays!

1. Pinterest Everything

The power of a Pinteresting woman in search of some good DIY or a tasty recipe is unmatched. Use the force of this social sharing mecca and get inspired! Simply type in the words “Thanksgiving Recipes” or  “Christmas DIY ideas” into the search and see what comes up. We love using Pinterest to pin ideas and use them for later or just great way to get you excited for all the fun holiday activities coming up.

2. Start Searching for Holiday Events in Your City, Now

Depending on where you live, you may want to start planning your holiday outings right away before space runs out. For instance, if you’ve been meaning to go to The Nutcracker for the past few years, but have missed every opportunity to book a ticket, don’t procrastinate this year. 2017 has been a trying year for all of us and we need something to brighten our spirits. Think of something you want to do this holiday season and save up for it. It’ll be worth the memories.

3. Get your Holiday Playlist Game Up

It’s never too early to pull out the Christmas music. Use this time to look for holiday music that you wouldn’t typically listen to. Michael Buble sings some of my favorite Christmas music and I was never inclined to listen to his music before. Then one day I got his first Christmas album from a friend and I played it non-stop for the entire winter season. Music is one of the best devices to alter your mood. Why not use it to get you excited for the egg-nog turn-up!?

4. Start Buying Holiday-esq Household Items

For those of us who were eagerly waiting for Thanksgiving to be over to decorate for Christmas, we must make a game plan and follow it until we look at every harvest themed wreath and smelled every pumpkin spice candle there is. Whether you’re a more traditional red and green decor kinda of girl or you like something a little more modern, make your holiday decor your own this season.

5. Create a real holiday vibe

One of my favorite things to do around this time of year is go into a craft store and inhale. You can’t compare the smells of fall to anything. Nothing puts you in the holiday spirit quite like smelling the spices of pumpkin candles and the aroma of fresh Christmas trees being put out on display. That’s when you know the season has begun. Keep that happy feeling with you everywhere you go by getting holiday scented candles and air fresheners and stashing them everywhere!

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