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Divas Are Always Gonna Do It Up

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

Getting together with real sista-friends is one of the best parts of life.The impact of those events can be really life-changing and affirming. Black girl magic is usually in full effect, and sharing and love are at the heart of the event. When you are the Host Diva, folks get used to you doing your thang on the entertainment front. While it’s a lot of pressure, it’s also a ton of fun and a great way for you to really let your diva flag fly.

As Host Diva, you are always willing to rise to the challenge of hosting a legendary event for your girls. Everybody knows that divas are always gonna do it up! That being said, you can never have too many fabulously fun ideas to pull from for your soiree. So, here are a few more to add to your treasure trove that will have your guests loving every minute that you spend together:

Fabulous Food Presentation

Every Host Diva knows that everything has to be top notch. Not only does your food have to taste awesome, your serving ware should be fabulous also. The Izzy and Liv serving platter and utensil set compliments any menu that you have planned for your event. Couple the set with the most gorgeous decorations, and you have the makings for a fine dining experience with your besties. That’s how you bring it!

Sang, Ya'll

Now, you and your girls know that when the right song comes on, the mood is straight fire, and somebody is going to sing. Well, instead of “just” singing, get that jam session on video. Dress the part (everybody would look amazing in their Izzy and Liv Melanin Heart tees), get your scenery, use filters, do whatever you have to for the experience to be epic! Making music videos of your crew performing your favorite songs will most definitely be lit. Plus, these videos will create memories that you can look back on for years to come.

Build The Bond

Bring everybody together through some fun games. Interactive games that allow for you to work in teams or that require everybody to participate are usually the best kind. Get adventurous by setting up a scavenger hunt or level up the whole event with a game of “Truth or Dare”. The only rule should be to keep it fun and friendly.

Diva Swap

Divas know other divas, and all of you have really funky clothes and accessories. Invite your guests to bring a few items for a “Diva Swap” followed by a fashion show or photoshoot. Not only are you all going to enjoy your time together, but you’re also going to look marvelous darlings. A Host Diva wouldn’t have it any other way. Now, do your thang!

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