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15 Ways to Decompress in 10 Minutes or Less

Written By: Girl Tyler

Is 2020 working your last nerve? We know, sis. Ours too. You’re booked and busy and need a quick outlet. Adjusting to the new normal is frustrating and stressful, but don’t throw in the towel just yet. Got 10 minutes to spare? Keep this list handy for when you’re feeling suffocated.Try these easy techniques to decompress and snap back for more peaceful state

  1. Take a walk: Changing your scenery will shift your mental state.
  2. Do some stretches: Release tension and you'll feel relaxed.
  3. Sip a little something: Wine Or hot tea will do the trick!
  4. Chew gum:Get your jaws moving and calm your nerves.
  5. Meditate: Woosah it out!
  6. Turn on some music: Calming music has the ability to reduce your blood pressure
  7. Close your eyes: Manifest positive space.
  8. Wash your face: Splash on some cold water and simmer down.
  9. Get organized: Clutter can cause stress. Tidy up!
  10. Journal: Release your frustrations onto paper.
  11. Phone a friend: Laughter is good for the soul.
  12. Say the ABC’s backwards: Trick your mind into focusing on the letters.
  13. Reach for the stress ball: When you feel anger bubbling, take it out on a stress ball.
  14. Color:Adult coloring books cater to your artsy side and promote relaxation.
  15. Aromatherapy: A few droplets of lavender in diffuser will do the trick

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