Black Owned Hair Accessories to Wear

In case you didn’t realize by now, at Izzy & Liv: WE SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESS. While it might seem like people are always trying to tear down or undermine our community, there’s a strong core of people (like us and our Brown Sugar Babes) who are pushing us to win. As a black-owned business, we’re all about supporting other black-owned businesses, whether it’s clothes, beauty, accessories, or shoes. We’re officially here for it!

And right now, as the weather is changing and we’re trying to protect our edges, we’ve been on the look out for some black owned hair accessories to keep our crown flourishing. We love a good hair accessory that help us stay true to ourselves while giving us a dose of style. If you’re in the market for a few black owned hair accessories, check out these 4 businesses we’ve got our eye on:
The Wrap Life

Black Owned Hair Accessories

photo via Glamour

Create. Express. Become. This is the motto behind The Wrap Life. Founder Nnenna Stella’s story starts
when she began searching the internet for head wraps. When her search proved fruitless, she chose to be
the answer to her question. Meant to be used for self-expression, her collection of head wraps includes
solid prints as well as African prints.

Grace Eleyae

Black Owned Hair Accessories

If you’re looking for a mixture of style and protection, Grace Eleyae is the way to go. After a trip to
Kenya where all of her chemically relaxed hair broke off, Eleyae decided to create a product to help her
hair. She created a satin-lined cap that would help protect the hair and prevent it from breakage. With a
series of options, her hair accessories range from satin-lined caps and turbans to scrunchies and

Constant Covering

Black Owned Hair Accessories

photo via Klassy Kinks

When you decide that you want a head wrap, you might flock to YouTube to find out how to tie them.
Not only is Constant Covering giving you the head wrap, but they’re doing the hard work for you!
Founded by Shawn Clarke, Constant Covering created a satin lined head wrap that already comes pre-
tied! Not only do you not have to worry about protecting your hair, but you don’t have to go through the
hassle of tying your wrap each time!

Aso Dara

Black Owned Hair Accessories

photo via Aso Dara

As the child of Nigerian immigrants, Modupeola Sonuyi founded Aso Dara as a small hair business that
received most of its traffic from Instagram. Having grown up in California, she wanted to bring pan-
African culture to African-Americans and thus came Aso Dara. With an abundance of headbands and hair
wraps, their style is filled with tons of bright and meaningful prints. You might even want to dabble into
their Serengeti or Wakanda collections!

Every woman wants to protect her hair and with the beautiful designs of these black owned hair accessories, we’re ready to looked snatched while keeping our edges in tact. From satin-lined caps to
beautiful designs these businesses are helping us get closer to our roots while protecting our roots!

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