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Black Organizations To Join As An Adult

There is more to “giving back” than just throwing our money at black organizations and the issues that need addressing in our world. If you thought that was the only way to give back you have been sadly mistaken. Our communities, our children, our families need more than money. They need people to come together bringing solutions, creativity, and perspective. Have you ever considered the work that needs to be done in the black community? It’s a lot, but resolutions and progress are achievable if we all work in unity. There are many black organizations that have been founded and cultivated for that purpose. These groups need support from strong black women like you!

Now, think about what you are doing to contribute to our “village”. Maybe you feel like there is more that you can do to reach more people, share your talents, and help to further advance the black community….but where do you start? To be honest, you have likely already “started”. Just recognizing that there is a greater work for you to do could be the beginning of your next chapter, and it could be a much more rewarding and altruistic journey. Fortunately, there are many black organizations that can help you to make it happen!

Here are a couple of black organizations that would love to have you share some of your black girl magic with them:

National Council Of Negro Women

This illustrious organization was the brainchild of its founder, Mary McLeod Bethune in 1935. National Council of Negro Women (

, or NCNW, is one of the premier black organizations for black women. Their mission to advance the opportunities and the quality of life for African-American women, their families and communities. In addition to being an amazing group of adult women, they also have chapters on college campuses. The college chapters are awesome for helping to encourage and develop the next generation of black women.

Jack and Jill of America

If you are a mother and have a desire to be even more instrumental in the lives of young people, then, Jack and Jill of America ( could be for you! While this group, like many black organizations, does a fantastic work with children across the board,  one of the events that they host is just beyond words…their Cotillion-Beautillion! CHILD, Yes! Seeing those beautiful brown teenagers dressed to the nines, looking like royalty, will have your heart full with all of the feels. It is elegance and class at the highest level.  Teams of women, just like you, work to produce this and other events for the children. They work with the goal of grooming the next generation for success!

There are so many black organizations for adults out. These groups are generally filled with people who work tirelessly to make our “village” better…everyday! Be open minded in your search of black organizations, and be prepared to give more. They need all that you have to offer to help to advance their work and the black community. These, and all black organizations, would greatly appreciate having your hands, ideas, and strong work ethic. Give more…

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