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Reasons Why We Need to Support Black Business Now More Than Ever

We cannot hold out another second. All blacks should support black business…period. The U.S. was founded on capitalism, and the rich will always get richer. But, the problem lies in the fact that they get rich by taking money from communities that are primarily filled with people of color. Money leaves the black community at an alarmingly fast rate, as compared to other cultural communities. This is attributed, in great part, to the unfortunate reality that many black people simply do not make it a priority to support black business.

So, the question remains, why do we need to bring this issue to the forefront now? Well, there are more reasons than can fit in this blog. But, we are going to try our best to highlight some of the main issues that make supporting black business of the utmost important in our country and our world:

Support Black Business To Overcome The Effects Of Slavery

Ever since the advent of slavery, black people have been systematically pit against each other. They were taught by their oppressors to always look out for their own best interest and to put more trust in other cultures than their own. Sadly, that is still the mindset of many today. So, one of the main reasons that we need to support black business is to show that we can unify and have solidarity. It is a way to show the world, and each other, that we believe in growth and want to see our brothers and sisters be successful. Regardless of what our ancestors were taught to believe, we can overcome that and rejoice in the victories of our own people. Their individual victory should be a victory for us all!

We Get To Keep More Of Our Money In Our Community

When we support black business, we are allowing for the finances to stay in our community longer. Ideally, we each will feel a personal responsibility to uplift and help our brothers and sisters. In turn, they, hopefully, will help to further encourage and strengthen the black community-at-large. By owning businesses, blacks can hire more blacks. They can mentor and teach through these employment opportunities. Additionally, they can encourage even more people to open more businesses.  That entrepreneurial spirit could spread like wildfire! Imagine how positively that would impact the black community!

Cooperative Economics Can Combat Effects of Racism

Additionally, there is the elephant in the room…racism. Yes, it’s 2019, and we are all tired of racism being “a thing”. But, unfortunately, it is. Blacks, as a people, really need to take steps towards mobilizing toward a more progressive future. Daily, we hear of yet another black person whose life has been destroyed, in one way or another because of racism. What can we do about that? We can get our stuff together and GET TOGETHER! The best ways to get together is to believe in each other, encourage each other, and yes, to support black businesses.

Black people, generally, do not have access to an abundance of “extra cash”. So, starting a business can be even harder for them. Then, couple that with predatory lending practices, where black people pay higher interest rates on smaller amounts of cash, that are targeted right at the black community. Just getting started seems virtually impossible. That’s if they can even get someone to lend them money or grant them the funds at all.

The Upstart For Black Businesses Takes Courage and Perseverance

Black people get turned away more than any other race when it comes to securing funds for an entrepreneurial venture. Just think about that….All that they have to go through to get started and our community won’t even support them! That should not be our story and we need to change that narrative now, more than ever…for our children, their children, and the many generations to come. We should endeavor to leave a legacy of black success, and it starts with throwing our support behind the black community.

Be A Part Of The Rise Up Instead of the Tear Down

So, instead of finding excuses for not lifting our brothers and sisters us, endeavor to be the positive change. Your positive approach to how you spend your money could greatly impact the lives of many black people.  That how we make a positive difference! Seek to support black businesses. Whether you choose to shop locally or online, do your best to make it happen! When we spread the wealth within our own black community, it means more than when we don’t. Your support could be instrumental in a black family thriving and being a help to all of us!

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