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Black Finance Gurus to Get Your Money Right

Cash rules everything around me! While money can’t buy you happiness, it can definitely alleviate some of the stress that comes with financial burdens. Some people might be living paycheck to paycheck and others are probably wondering how much money they should be putting into their savings. The 2007 Kanye would be saying, “Wait till I get my money right,” but why wait? That time is clearly now! Rather than sitting around wondering how to save and plan for the future, check out these black finance gurus who will help you get your money right.

Tiffany Aliche (The Budgetnista)

Black Finance Gurus

photo via Black Enterprise

If you watch TV or read the paper, you’ve probably seen or read about Tiffany Aliche. Mentioned and featured on Forbes, Essence, Black Enterprise, and USA Today, Aliche is a financial guru who’s ready to help you get your money straight. With a five week process, she’s going to help you raise your credit score, get out of debt, create a budget, invest, and save.

Tonya Rapley (My Fab Finance)

Black Finance Gurus

photo via Black Creatives

Are you ready to meet Black Enterprises 2014 “New Face of Wealth Building?” Tonya Rapley, the creator of the site My Fab Finance, is setting out to help her fellow young-ins. Between her #BanishtheBalance challenge and numerous national workshops, Rapley is on a mission to help girls and women of all ages take control of their finances.

Marsha Barnes (The Finance Bar)

Black Finance Gurus

Sometimes our finances get away from us and it seems like a tailspin of falling further and further into a hole. Not anymore! As a black woman who is certified in financial social work, she’s on a mission to help her clients reach their short-term and long-term goals instead of remaining stuck where they are. Definitely a progressive woman, Marsha is on a mission to help others “move from financially existing to financially thriving.”

The age of retirement is around 66 years old, but you’ll find that tons of people have to work past that age because of their financial situation. Instead of waiting until you’re in your 50s to worry about your savings, get started now! It’s never too early to start saving and when you finally hit retirement age, your older self will thank you for it!

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