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Reclaim Your Time: 3 Ways to Add More Time to Your Day

And if you don’t know, now you know! This year, we’re all for “reclaiming our time.” What does this mean? You might have those days where it seems like there aren’t enough hours to get it all done. You wake up, you blink, and before you know it, it’s time to wind down and start the cycle all over again. While we’ve all secretly wished for 30-hour days, the reality is, that’s not happening so we’ve got to be more productive with the 24 that we have. That said, there are still ways to add more time to your day. Here’s how!

Use a Planner

Add More Time to Your Day: Planner

Most of our days are dedicated to figuring out what we have to do. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what events or meetings you have scheduled, what tasks have to get done, or even where to start, you’re losing precious hours (and energy) from your day. Instead of trying to keep track of everything in your head, get a planner! There are thousands of different types on the market, but they essentially do the same thing: help plan your day so you can focus on getting the tasks done. All you need to do is put events in it as you go along and be consistent. This add hours to your day once you get the hang of it.

Use Apps Like Toggl or Remember the Milk

Ad More Time to Your Day: Use Apps

In the world of smart phones, they make an app for everything. Need to track your period? There’s an app for that. Looking for love? There are tons of apps for that! Now, if you’re looking to save time, you’d find those in the app store as well! Actually writing tasks and events in a planner or on a to-do list might require time you don’t want to give, but simply downloading an app might become a lifesaver. Toggl is a great app that you can use in the workplace that will allow you to allot particular amounts of time to different projects. Remember the Milk will take the place of your written to-do list and send you periodic reminders of what needs to get done!

Reduce Your Time on Social Media

Add More Time to Your Day: No Social Media

This one is going to be tough for so many of us but, put down your phone! If there’s one collective way that millions and millions of people lose time throughout the day, it’s through social media! With the abundance of apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and more, you can be sure that you’re probably losing hours throughout the day. Instead of scrolling through your timeline when you’re bored, give yourself more time by allotting a particular time of the day to browse. With this method, you’ll open up the rest of your day to do important things like eat, exercise, or read!

Sometimes it seems like 24 hours is such a long day, but then there are days when it seems as if those 24 hours aren’t enough! Instead of feeling like you’re constantly trying to catch up, use these tips to make sure you get the most out of your days!

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