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Big Props to Me! How Being Your Own Cheerleader Helps You Grow

Written By: Jarius Edens

Ever watched a championship basketball or football game? Picture this: It’s the last quarter, a few seconds are left on the clock, the cheerleaders are screaming, your heart is pumping and you’re feeling the adrenaline. Cheerleaders are the heartbeat of those final seconds. They are the life of the game. They pump up the crowd and confuse the opposition. They clap, stomp, and chant their teams to victories and after the victory they leap into praise mode. Well, we all deserve that kind of support, and it starts within.

Being your own cheerleader is a tried and true way of cultivating self-efficacy and pushing toward your greatest goals. When you encourage yourself and acknowledge the goals you’ve reached,  the achievements you’ve made, and the awards you’ve earned, you begin to see yourself in a different light: As Black Excellence. Being your own cheerleader…

  1. BUILDS the confidence you need to set audacious goals.
  2. HELPS you reach for higher heights.
  3. CREATES a positive perspective of your future.
  4. FORCES you to be nice to yourself.
  5. INCREASES your ability to see greatness in yourself. 
Take a moment and think back to the last goal you met, the last feat you accomplished, or the last win you had and congratulate yourself for doing everything you did to become who you are.You’re knocking those goals out, one by one, and your cheering squad should always start with you. Go You! Go You

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