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Beyond The Park: 5 Places to Have an Outdoor Lunch

Written By: Jarius Edens

You can definitely enjoy a nice picnic without going to the park. With all that’s happening and crowded parks being a usual part of summer activities, here are five places you can choose to enjoy your midday lunch or sunset meal that doesn’t start with P and end with K.

1. The lake or brook. The sound of running water could be exactly what you need alongside your salad, fruit, and lemonade. Take your lunch, a good book, and your fan to the edge of the lake for a soothing hour or two.

2. The spare bedroom. If you have the room no one really uses, make an exception to the rule, pack up the lunch, and have a cute date in there. Use your spill-proof cups, grab a blanket, and go in the “barely used” room to enjoy lunch.

3. The backseat of the car. This one sounds crazy, but a salad in a jar and a glass of wine in the backseat of the car could definitely be a new trend. Find a quiet, safe place to park, get from behind the steering wheel, and have a sweet little lunch with a different view.

4. The backyard. Your backyard just may be the answer to avoid the crowded park. Make your favorite sandwiches, cheese tray, and fruit bowls the night before and send the family an invitation to meet you in the backyard for a picnic the next day.

5. The patio or deck. You normally grill here, but an outdoor lunch would change things up a bit. Pack the lunch, wine, and a blanket right before sunset and enjoy a light meal on the patio.

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