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4 Funky Themes for your Summer BBQ

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

When the weather gets hot, you know that it’s time to fire up that grill and get your bbq on. Yes, cookout time! How could someone not love a good bbq? From the smoky feast to the summertime tunes that we couldn’t live without, cookouts can be lit. For real! Have you ever thought about how you could make your summer bbq even more amazing? Well, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that you can do to turn your bbq into the “event of the year”. Get that cookout “right” and people will be looking forward to the next one. Instead of going with the same old checkered tablecloth and red cups, give that thing a fresh look and feel. Here are four funky themes that could make your summer bbq the turn up that everybody can’t stop talking about:

Colorize Your Cookout

Everybody is used to those “black parties” and “white parties”. Who said that you can’t do that with a cookout? Yes, you can! Invite guests to dress in a certain color or print. Then, sit back and watch your guests come dressed to the nines, and ready to have a fantastic time. When people feel good about how they look, they tend to enjoy events more. Get fun with it and add the color as an inviting tagline in the invite. Something like, “I can’t wait TEAL we get together” or “Be RED-dy for a night you won’t forget”. 

Make It A Shore Thing 

Beach themes always make an event feel more relaxed and inviting. Our Beach Roundie is a perfect compliment piece for a beach themed bbq. You could set up a photo spot that includes an ocean or beachy backdrop, some sand, and that Beach Roundie. Girl, they are going to LOVE it and they will be sure to show off those “beach” pics, like they actually went somewhere! 

Take It Back

Time period bbq parties can be off the hook! With them, you will always get people doing the most, and that’s why they are so much fun. Imagine your besties sporting their 70s or 60s outfits. Make it even more crazy by having a “fashion show”. Everyone will be sure to remember more than just the hot dogs.

Glamp It Up

Some people struggle with cookouts because of the bugs and the whole “outdoors” thing. Well, there is a fix for that! Go for a glamour camping aka “Glamping” theme which would include tents that are decorated to feel really like a little get away. Add some sparkle EVERYWHERE and make sure that the chairs look fabulous also. That Brown Sugar Box cooler will come in handy. Get creative with the look by using really elegant looking plasticware or even silverware, if you are hosting a small group. They’re going to be blown away!

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