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7 Products Black Women Need in Their Skincare Routine

When it comes to skincare there’s no one size fits all product. Sure, we are all familiar with the dry, combination and oily categories, but for black women, there’s more to it. When choosing products and we need to account for hyperpigmentation and discoloration specifically, keeping in mind that common skin problems like acne, eczema, and psoriasis affect us more on average.

Unfortunately, for many years black women have had to contend with skincare advise and products that do not address our specific needs. That is…until now.

Below, you will find seven products to add to your skincare routine.

Baking Soda

Problems: Oily skin, large pores, and dark spots

Baking soda is your sister in beauty…and you need to know her. Not only is it an amazing product for cleaning, baking, and hair it also works wonders on the skin. When mixed with water and a little bit of lemon juice it creates a paste that acts as a mild exfoliate. Use it to get rid of dead skin, dry out pimples and lighten scars.


Problems: Dry skin and/or congested skin

On the surface, toner seems like one of those products you can go without. But it’s just as important as the face mask because it preps your face for the moisturizer and serum application. You don’t have to use it every day, but it needs to be in your skincare arsenal.

Witch Hazel is a good option if you wear a lot of makeup, have greasy skin or suffer from bad acne. Those afflicted with dry thirsty skin should reach for a hydrating toner.


Staple Product

Obviously, you need to wash your face, the question is how and with what. There are as many different types of cleansers as there are fashion brands. Some are foamy, some oily and others have harsh chemical agents while others are natural and organic. It’s all a matter of assessing your needs and paying attention to the ingredients so don’t be afraid to experiment.

I recommend Yes To Tomatoes daily clarifying cleanser to start. It’s affordable, good for darker toned women and will leave your skin feeling clean but not stripped. If you have oily skin, I suggest investing in an oil cleanser and a bar of African black soap.

Dr. Barbara Sturm for Darker Skin Tones Face Cream

Problems: Hyperpigmentation and dry skin

Dr. Barbara Sturm and Angela Basset have collaborated to create a luscious moisturizing cream for women with dark skin. Its jam packed with high power ingredients that fight against aging, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin.


Problems: Dark spots and melanoma

This point is non-negotiable. A lot of us were told that our brown skin would shield us from the harmful effects of the sun. And while it does offer more protection, it’s not 100% full proof.

You need sunscreen in your skincare routine. Not only is it necessary for health reasons, but it’s also important for anyone that has issues with hyperpigmentation. Overexposure to the sun will make your dark spots darker.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Problems: Dry Skin

Hyaluronic acid holds 1000 times more moisture than water and occurs naturally in the skin—making it the ultimate moisturizing agent. Even though you’ll find it listed as the main ingredient in several skincare products it’s still important to get a serum that’s made of at least 50% hyaluronic acid. This product is especially great for black women because it fortifies the skin and gives it some much-needed elasticity.

Wash Off Facemask

Staple Product

Everyone needs to use a good face mask regardless of skin type because it helps virtually every skincare problem. Your face mask is as essential as your cleanser. In addition to giving you a deep clean, it makes all the other products in your routine more effective. You shouldn’t go more than a week without applying a face mask. A good mask has a rejuvenating effect because you typically notice a difference immediately after washing it off.

Remember, the number one tip to caring for your golden beautiful melanated skin is consistency. You can have all the best products, but if you don’t use them on a regular basis you won’t get the maximum benefit. Make a day of it, have fun and pamper yourself.

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