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6 Summer Beauty Tips For Black Women

The summer sun and the blazing heat can do a number of things on your skin. Your makeup can lose its glamour. Your skin can experience signs of aging, excessive dryness, and hyperpigmentation if out in the sun for too long. You don’t want that,  do you? Nah! You want your melanin to be shining in all its brown sugar glory. Here are a few beauty tips you can use to ensure you look fine all summer long:


Drink A Lot of Water: The first of the beauty tips has nothing to do with any beauty products. It has to do with what makes the world go round – water. Hydration is important, especially during the summer months. Not only is it good for our bodies, water is good for the health of our skin. Drinking lots of water help keep the skin clear and the body cool.


Use A Light Moisturizer: Most of the time, especially if you have dry skin, there is a tendency to load up on the moisturizer. However, the summer heat can make heavy moisturizers on the skin look greasy. It’s best to try light moisturizers to keep your skin looking fresh.


Protect Your Skin From The Sun:  Regardless of what people think about black people not needing to wear sunscreen, you know that black skin needs to be protected by the sun’s harmful rays. Wearing an SPF 25 or more will help ensure your skin is free from sun damage. The broader the SPF, the less of a white cast your skin will have. Wearing a sun hat or using a cute parasol is a fashionable, yet effective, way to shield yourself from the sun.


Add a Hydrating Facial Mask: Consider this tip as a self-care treat when you are done being in the sun all day long. Adding a hydrating mask to your skin care routine will help keep your skin stay moisturized to avoid blotches or rough patches. Sit back, put your feet up, and let a hydrating clay mask work its magic.


Use A Primer: I can’t recommend this product enough. Heat can cause your skin to sweat.  If you are wearing a full face of makeup, the last thing you want is to see your foundation smearing. A primer is your best bet to keep your makeup on throughout the day.


Keep Aloe Vera Gel On Deck:  It has a nice cooling sensation that’ll combat the heat and its natural properties will help keep your skin feeling extra smooth. Aloe Vera also works as a great protectant, as it prevents skin from peeling and other signs of sun damage.


There are an endless number of beauty tips that we could share with you but these six will ensure that your skin will stay beautiful and glowing for the rest of the summer.

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