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5 Winter Beauty/Fashion Trends We’re Loving Right Now

In the beauty and fashion world, it seems that trends change as quickly as the days. Monday, everyone is sporting a bomber jacket. Tuesday, you see everyone in a faux fur coat and wonder why you didn’t get the memo. Fortunately for you, we have you covered! With the flick of a wrist, a fashion designer or makeup artist can set the trends for months and years to come. There are a lot of different trends wandering around the internet, but we’re here to point out the best! Check out our current favorite beauty and fashion trends this winter!


Winter Trends Fashion

Faux Fur

For those looking to keep warm this winter season while also slaying the fashion world, you’ll need some faux fur in your closet. Whether you’re picking a vest or a jacket, faux fur is the style of choice. While you’ll still find your classic black, white, and mixed brown jackets, we’re stepping out of the box! This season, we’re opting for the berry or pink blend faux furs. Nothing says bougie and unbothered more than a fur coat! 

Everything Velvet

Once an older trend, velvet has made a comeback! If you’ve missed the influx of velvet hitting the clothing stores and the streets, then you might’ve hit hibernation in early November. For the past few weeks, we’ve been seeing velvet styles pop up in all of our favorite stores. Not only do we love the rich berries and navies, but who wouldn’t love the soft, plush texture? While you’ll find many different styles, we love the velvet dress the most! Dress up for a sexy date night or go for a sexy, sultry look for a girl’s night out!


While you might not be able to identify the name, you’ve most likely seen baroque styled clothing. When they say fashion comes back years later, they weren’t lying! This style originated in the 17th century in Western Europe. In countries like France, Spain, and Portugal, it was common to find this style. Baroque clothing is abundant in blacks and golds with their distinct design, filigrees, etched on the garb. For a chic style, get ahead of the trend and get yourself a trendy baroque piece.


Winter Trends: Beauty

Dark Ombre Hair

One trend that’s definitely come alive in the winter is dark ombre hair! During the year, we’re used to our light browns, auburns, and blondes. This winter, we’re going darker and more colorful. One trend we’re all over this winter is purple hair! While this might be a norm for singer, Justine Skye, purple has grown immensely in popularity! If you’re not ready to go extremely bold, try a burgundy color first. You’ll also see dark navy and emerald greens. It’s a New Year so why not try a new hairstyle?!

Nude Lips

For the fall and winter seasons, the norm is usually the bolder, the better! While we definitely still love our dark and vampy lips, we’ve seen the trend die down slightly. You’ll still catch people in their favorite berry colors, but you’ll start to see more nude lips this winter. Rather than limiting yourself to a certain eyeshadow look with a bold lip, nude lips will open up your possibilities this winter!

I don’t know about you, but it’s in our plans to slay this winter. With these growing beauty and fashion trends, we’ll be sure to make statements and get compliments everywhere we turn! What are some of your favorite winter trends? Let us know in the comments!

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