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5 Brands That Love, Support, and Respect Black Women

Written By: Alexandria Daniels

Being a black woman in this world is a beautiful thing. However, the hardships that come with having brown skin come in many forms. For instance, finding foundation can be a hassle because not a lot of brands on the market cater to brown skin tones. Going to a yoga class can make a black woman feel inferior because she may feel out of her element if she's the only woman of color in the room. As black women, we need support systems. This includes having the right businesses that care about us. Luckily, there are plenty these days. Here are five brands that truly love, support, and respect black women:

Lip Bar: “Inclusivity is not a fad or a ‘band wagon’ trend for us.” Lip Bar is one fashion brand that is for black women. While tons of brands will make 50 shades of colors that look ghostly on us, this brand is focused on changing the standard of beauty one lip stick at a time.

Izzy & Liv: You know we have to do a little shameless plug. We are grateful for our clique and Brown Sugar Babes who continue to support us over the years. The mission of Izzy & Liv is to make black women the first thought when it comes to making products that they’ll love. From apparel to accessories, black women can be certain that all our products were made with them in mind.

Black Girl In Om: When it comes to spirituality and wellness spaces, black women often find themselves on the outskirts. Founded by Lauren Ash, Black Girl In Om has become one of the leading black-owned brands to help give black women a safe space for self-discovery, vulnerability, and healing. Ash and her team’s impactful BGIO podcast discussa variety of holistic wellness topics such as self-care and self-empowerment. At the core, BGIO promotes an open dialogue in the black community as well as an understanding of healing from the inside out. 

Blk + Grn: Looking to go green? We know that making the decision to use clean products is a big one and one that can seemingly break the bank.However, BLK + GRN makes it easy and affordable for black women who want to make this lifestyle change. BLK + GRN is an all-natural store that delivers high quality products that are free from harmful ingredients. They gather various artisans who sell products that resolve issues like skin care, hair growth, and even headaches. This is a brand that deeply cares about black women's health, just as much as they value Mother Earth

Mielle Organics: We just need a brand that’s going to support our kinks and curls. Mielle Organics has “the secret sauce to moisture and hydration.” From all natural ingredients for your hair care products to vitamins for healthy hair, Mielle Organics is one hair care brand that is set on keeping black hair surviving and thriving.

There are companies that value black women and our needs. You just have to know where to look. You know everyone at Izzy & Liv has your back. You can guarantee these other brands do too.

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