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4 Skincare Ingredients for a Fresh, Flawless Face

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

Everybody wants to look good, but, sometimes, our own skin can be our worst nightmare. Skin can cause us so much stress and make us feel our most vulnerable. It is the first thing that people see and it can be the thing that people remember most about you.You might have an amazing personality, but somebody, thank goodness it won’t everybody, will remember those less than perfect skin moments. However, there is help out there to get, and keep, your skin on track. Truth be told, we aren’t worried about the “haters,” but we still want to feel and look our absolute best. 

That being said, there are some ingredients out there that could really give your skin the glow up that you are hoping for. All of these ingredients are totally natural, but the effect that they can have on your skin when used individually, and sometimes in combination with each other, can be phenomenal. You may be surprised to find out that some of the best skin care ingredients are items that you probably have right in your kitchen. 

Think out of the box and get beyond just spending money on those expensive skin care products. They are good to use, but these natural ingredients can produce exceptional results as well...and it might not take a lot of product to give your skin the treatment that it needs to radiate. 

Here are 4 skincare ingredients for a fresh, flawless face:

Apple Cider Vinegar

One of nature’s most perfect and versatile ingredients is apple cider vinegar. Yes, its smell is less than enticing, but, the benefits of this stuff are astronomical! The skin care industry has gotten woke to apple cider vinegar and it can be found in many beauty products. ACV, as it is known, can be applied to the skin to help balance the ph level. It can also be used to treat breakouts because of its anti-inflammatory properties, and as a toner. Just hold your nose and let it do what it do. Just be careful! Apple cider vinegar is very potent and should often be diluted with water.


Beyond being delicious, honey is actually a healer for scarred skin. Honey can naturally exfoliate your skin. It helps in removing dry, dead skin to let that soft, beautiful new skin underneath debut. When applied to the skin, it will condition and moisten skin. Just apply it and rinse. Come through on that face, Honey!

Aloe Vera

There is so much that we can say about aloe Vera. It can be your skin’s secret weapon against the treachery of the environment. Aloe Vera is used for skin care in many different ways. It has tons of benefits from treating dry skin to fighting the bacteria that causes breakouts, and of course, for healing skin that has had trauma from burns or bites. This is one skin care ingredient that lives up to the hype. Your face will be grateful that you used it! 

Sugar Scrub

Unless you have used one, you might be skeptical about trying a sugar scrub. Well, don’t let the name or the fact that it’s made with sugar as the primary ingredient, keep you from giving this skin care ingredient a go. While ingesting too much sugar is TERRIBLE for your skin, scrubbing with it is amazing! Actually, sugar scrubs are so popular now that you can find them in just about every store’s beauty section. Why are they there? Because they work! 

You can make your own sugar scrub by combining a cup of sugar with half a cup of an oil such as coconut oil (also fabulous for skin) and little rose hip oil (uh, stretch marks, we are coming for you!). That’s it! Now, rub that on your face while you are in the shower and rinse. The results will have your face looking fresh and flawless. Now, that’s sweet!

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