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3 Must-Haves For the Perfect Festival Style

Festival fashion

The warmer months are filled with concerts and festivals, and while the season starts every year in April with the desert festival, Coachella, there are plenty of festivals left for you to attend! One of the biggest aspects of going to a festival is the fashion. While you might be checking the runway during fashion week, these summer festivals are a catwalk of their own. If you’re hoping to create the perfect look for your next festival, check out these must-have pieces.


When it comes to creating the perfect look for a festival, crochet patterns are always a must. Not only is the fabric lightweight, but the design creates the perfect breathability for a hot, hot summer day. In order to create the perfect look, opt for brighter crocheted colors over darker ones. Festivals, especially during the day, are about keeping the atmosphere light and bright, and your clothes should mirror that! For ease, try finding a crochet top because they’re in abundance, but if you’re looking to stand out, a crochet dress is the way to go!

Flared Sleeves

In the past couple years, we’ve seen 90s fashion make an extreme comeback, but now we see another decade reappearing in fashion! While the 80s might still be sleeping, 70s fashion has woken up and joined the game! We’ve been seeing the reappearance of suede and wide leg trousers, but the most recent renewed trend is the flared sleeve! You might’ve noticed these fashion pieces showing up at your favorite shop and they are a definite crowd pleaser! Try pairing your flared sleeves with denim bell-bottoms or a mini A-line skirt.


Another trend that has been peaking its head through in both the fashion world and the festival world is fringe! Another hot trend from the 70s, fringe can be used to add a bit of flare or edginess to your outfit! For creating a softer look, focus on a lightweight top with a fringe detail. If you need a statement piece, strut your stuff in a pair of sandals or boots. All they need is a small fringe design! For those looking to make a statement in their outfit and want and edgier piece, go for the classic camel colored fringe jacket.

Now that we’ve given your closet a few tips on what to wear to your next festival, let us know some of your favorite wardrobe pieces for the event! Are you keeping it light and airy or are you keeping it practical by going with layers? Let us know in the comments and tell us which festivals are on your calendar!

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