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11 Black Girl Yogis to Follow On Instagram

Written By: Girl Tyler

We’re having a HEALED girl summer.If you’re on a wellness journey, you’ve come to the right place. Just Relax, Relate, Release. Yoga is an ancient practice which combines physical and mental exercises with loads of great benefits including stress and anxiety reduction; improved heart health; and increased flexibility. All body types are welcome! Calm your mind and strengthen your body while reaping the benefits of yoga. Remember to be gentle with yourself when beginning a new wellness journey and know that there is a sisterhood out there waiting for you.

As quiet as it’s kept, Black girls rule the yoga space. There are countless Black-women owned studios across the country. Find one in your city or join them from the comfort of your home. More and more women are leaving their worries on their yoga mat and documenting their journeys on social media.

Whether you’re new to the mat or an OG, let your soul flow while following the teachings of these Black girl Yogis:

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