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Juicy Fruit T-Shirt Hair Towel Wrap

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Hey Girl, Hey! Tired of rubbing your hair with a regular towel and causing breakage and damage? Say hello to your new Hair Towel Wrap - a solution to drying your hair quickly after a shower or bath, while preventing damage to your beautiful strands.

You can use it to gently blot your hair after washing, instead of rubbing it vigorously with a regular towel. This helps to reduce frizz and breakage, and also cuts down on drying time!

You can also wrap your hair after applying your favorite hair mask or deep conditioner.
The towel helps to lock in moisture and allows the product to deeply penetrate your strands for maximum hydration. Below are the two methods to tie up and use your microfiber towel👇🏽
So grab a hair towel and give these methods a try for your healthiest hair yet!