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Self Love Graffiti T-Shirt

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For the queen who walks with confidence, this bold tee is a canvas of vibrant hues and dynamic patterns that celebrate the rhythm and soul of Black culture. Each stroke and color intertwined in the abstract art is a reminder of our diverse stories and the beauty of loving oneself unconditionally.

 The "Self Love" script, a handwritten affirmation, is your wearable mantra, encouraging you to embrace every bit of your marvelous self with pride.

This tee is wearable art that speaks to the heart. It's a conversation starter, a statement piece, and most importantly, it's a reflection of the culture, confidence, and soul that Izzy & Liv stands for.  Rock your "Self Love" Tee and let the world know that your love for yourself is bold, beautiful, and unapologetic!


Available in Ladies Fit S-2XL and Youth L and XL 

Size: S
Size: S