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Adinkra Affirmations V-Neck Pocket Tee

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Adinkra symbols are used in Ghana on cloth and architecture, just to name a few. We’ve selected seven Adinkra symbols, which create powerful affirmations, for you to wear proudly. Each symbol stands for a positive expression or proverb. We opted for a simple black tee to boldly display each symbol down the back of the shirt. Wear this tee proudly as a reminder to affirm greatness into your life. See the chart of Adinkra symbols with meanings below. 


Material & Care

  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash cold inside out.
  • Lay flat/hang to dry.


BESE SAKA - Adinkra Symbol 



BESE SAKA "sack of cola nuts"

A sign of abundance and unity.


FAWOHODIE - Adinkra Symbol




Signals emancipation.


DUAFE - Adinkra Symbol



DUAFE "wooden comb"
Represents beauty and femininity.


DWENNIMMEN - Adinkra Symbol



DWENNIMMEN "ram's horns"
A symbol of humility.


MATE MASIE - Adinkra Symbol



MATE MASIE "What I hear, I keep"
Wisdom and prudence.


AKOMA - Adinkra Symbol



AKOMA "the heart"
Symbolizes patience.

NSAA - Adinkra Symbol




NSAA "A type of hand-woven fabric"
A sign of excellence and authenticity.


    Style: Ladies Fit
    Size: S
    Style: Ladies Fit
    Size: S