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Why You Should Pamper Yourself Unapologetically

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

Spa Days and Vacations Are Essential For Your Mental Well-Being

Taking time away from the daily rigors of life should be a requirement for everybody. No one can just go, go, go without, eventually, starting to break down. You don’t want to have that happen to you, so preventative maintenance is key to minimizing that. We take on so much that it’s sometimes hard to let go...even for a short time. But, it’s a must!

There are no explanations necessary when it comes to loving yourself and practicing self-care. You have a right, and obligation, to take care of you. It’s easy to forget that and to put all of your efforts into caring for others. But, forgetting about yourself can lead to a very unhappy, unhealthy, and unfulfilled life. So, Sis, please try not to do that. You. Always. Matter.

You are likely used to giving 100% of yourself and with that, you may feel a little guilty from time to time when you do things for you. It’s almost as if women are made to feel like they can only get a “little” bit of time to themselves or else, they are neglecting their family/job/home. That is so unfair and totally ridiculous. If those are the rules, then, we need to come up with some new ones...starting right now! To help you get started and encourage you along your journey to greater personal care, here are some reasons why you should pamper yourself unapologetically. 

Massages Can Be Instrumental For Rest And Care

There is no need to feel like you’re going against the grain or expecting something that is beyond basic. Rest is a basic need and necessity. When you pamper yourself with a massage, you are simply giving your body what it needs to stay in top condition...proper conditioning, rest, and relaxation. Don’t worry about what people say. Girl, a good massage could make a world of difference in your life. 

Facials And Makeovers Will Boost One’s Self-Esteem

The way that you look does make a difference in the way that you feel. You don’t have to stress about how people expect you to look. Take time out for a facial or makeover. Get the look that YOU WANT! It is like torture trying to live up to everybody else’s expectations. So, don’t do it. Live up to your own expectations and enjoy the journey of self-expression. Those moments of having your face beat will have you feeling like a real queen...and, THAT is how you should always feel about yourself.


Now, the thing about this is that people think that you should always vacay with your kids, family, or significant others. Uh, no...Where is that written? Sister, you can go and do things alone or with those who truly understand your need for solace. Spa days and vacations are about more than just the pampering. They are about your overall mental health as well. 

So, Sister, go and do you! Do your best not to try to make excuses or give explanations for taking care of you. You deserve every minute of peace and respite that you get. In 2020 and always, pamper yourself unapologetically.

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