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Why We Should Thrive on Sisterhood

We live in an age where women have more opportunities to achieve success than ever before. Gone are the days where women were dependent on their men for financial security. Women have become formidable opponents to their male counterparts in almost every industry imaginable. There’s no question that women are excelling in their contributions to the nation’s economy. Women were able to join forces in their movements to seek social and economic equality in this country and here’s why women should continue supporting one another, even now:

We owe it to the future women of our generation

We have access to so much more as women than our predecessors, because of their fight. They fought for the rights and the freedoms for the future generations and we are reaping the rewards. We should have the same mentality for our future women. We should be setting an example that a woman’s worth is so much more valuable than the way she looks or how beautiful her body is. Fighting against the media’s image of what true femininity and beauty are, is something that our ancestors never had to witness. Their fight was different. Now, we must struggle to be seen as more than sex objects; we are human beings who are just as worthy to be heard as men are. Let’s teach our girls to look up to the movers and shakers in our communities, and not to the celebrity sex kittens on Instagram.

Women have a deeper understanding of one another that men could never replicate

I’ve heard this from a man once: that all women have some sort of secret language that only they can understand. I think he was on to something. A woman’s nurturing nature is something that no man can replicate. We are the fairer species and in being this way, we have our own unique struggles in life. No man can completely understand what goes on in the psyche of a woman who has to juggle so many things at once. Modern day women have careers, we have homes to take care of, and some of us have children and / or husbands to tend to. The life of a woman is so not one dimensional. Men can only grasp the surface of this, but other women understand. 

Let’s face it, when women come together, we make history

From China all the way to Renaissance Europe, women have suffered at the hands of oppressive laws that keep us subservient to men. With the inception of new ideologies like the theory of natural rights, society was able to justify such treatment of women by saying they were naturally the inferior gender. Fast forward to the 19th century when women began to demand the right to vote. This is where the ideas of women’s suffrage were born. From then on women had been granted certain rights, piece by piece, that we had not always possessed.

So, when we don’t give props to one another and we look at the next woman like she is competition, we do a great injustice to those women who fought alongside each other for the rights of the generations after them. Each woman’s success should be a testament to the struggles of our ancestors. Perhaps our fight may not be as drastic as our predecessors; however, we should still be united in womanhood to honor those before us.

What does that look like in today’s world?

Don’t be afraid to #giveprops to women who you see making it happen for themselves and/or their families. There are so many facets to being a woman that the opportunity to see the brilliance of our nature is always there. Take care of your girlfriends. Support their ideas and dreams. Shout out to other women who you see online or in real life who you admire. I don’t know about y’all, but I think compliments from women are the best! Tell her how beautiful she is; that despite her struggles in this world, there’s another woman right there with her ready to have her back. 

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