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Why Black Women Run The World

When you think like a queen it’s only natural for you to expect to run things. Black women have been marginalized, underpaid, and treated worse than most. Yet, they attack each day with the fervor of a champion. That’s Black Girl Magic at it’s best! But, what is it that makes black women so self-assured, independent, and successful? What makes them believe that their worth is greater than what the masses have said? Well, regardless of what others say, the truth remains that black women have the audacity to strive to run the world because they believe that they can do anything! Here’s why:

We Don’t Accept Things At Face Value.

Black women understand that everything is not always as it seems. In other words, we know that there is more to the story than is being shared. So, when it comes to black women running organizations, we go beyond the basics. It is natural for black women to delve deeper before making their decisions.

We Are Willing To Consider And Respect Other Perspectives.

Black women know what it’s like to be bypassed and overlooked. Therefore, we give other people the same respect that we would want. Black women will hear others out because we have learned to value people’s contributions and diverse perspectives. Both of those skills are integral in guiding an organization that is prepared to excel in their given industry. Black women run their teams with hopes of getting the best possible solutions to issues that come up. Ultimately, they really just want to be the best.

We Know That Beauty Is Not Just Physical.

Your looks will only take you so far. Black women are aware that there has to be more substance to your being. Shallow women who have external beauty will not be able to compete with someone who has more to offer. Black women who run organizations bring their “A-game” at all times. While they are definitely dressed to impress, it’s their amazing personality,  relentless drive, confidence, intellect, and self-awareness that makes them even more beautiful. That’s a combination for success that no one can resist.

We Love Hard.

When it comes to our relationships, we, generally, put everything that we have into them. Black women love with all that they have and expect the same in return. Whether it’s their partner or their parents, they will go with them until the end. Their selflessness is obvious when it comes to their relationships. They want others to know that they are loved and appreciated. Because of that, we are often the nucleus for the family.

We Don’t Let Others Dictate Our Value.

No one can tarnish our crowns. Regardless of what others say, black women will not devalue their contributions to an organization. Black women are confident in the face of adversity and criticism. This is often misunderstood by others. However, it is that ability to stand strong and believe in themselves that keeps them moving forward. They will do this even when others try to hold them down. Say what you want, but a confident black woman’s inner voice will always reign supreme.

We Are Training Our Children To Be Leaders.

Black women are raising up an army of future leaders. By setting the bar high, we are creating a narrative of excellence for our children. We will take boldness on their behalf and help them to know that they, too, can be the best. Our legacy will be experiencing the greatness of the next generation as we watch them exceed everyone’s expectations. Those children will become kings and queens. If they follow our positive examples, they, too, will run the world.

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