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Weekly Wrap-Up: We Matter

Happy Friday! This week started off a bit slow but by the second half things got real interesting, real quick. Let’s get into shall we!

We Matter

Around the country athletes, patrons, coaches, and fans have been voicing their stances on the national anthem ever since Colin Kaepernick’s bold protest when he decided to take a seat instead of stand. The start of football season had players and teams divided as some stood, some took a knee, while others decided to lock arms. As basketball season arrives, it looks like people are following the same suit. During the Miami Heat’s last preseason game, singer Denasia Lawrence, took a knee for injustice while singing the anthem wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt. While that performance did get a significant amount of backlash, the message Lawrence was trying to spread was heard. This week, however, when Sevyn Streeter was scheduled to perform the national anthem at the Philadelphia 76ers home opener and arrived wearing We Matter jersey, the organization decided she couldn’t perform. The truth is, while people remain divided on the anthem, the meaning behind it, and how or where we protest, We do matter and that’s all we’re trying to say. What do you think?

Back at it Again: That’s So Raven

That's So Raven

Everyone’s favorite childhood star is back again! We loved her as Olivia on The Cosby’s, in the early 2000’s she was the preteen we could relate to on That’s so Raven, and the pop star we loved from the Cheetah Girls. Ms. Raven Symone is bringing back a spin-off of her Disney channel show, this time starring as a single mother of two. This show definitely brings back some memories. Will you be tuning in? Ya know, to watch with the kids of course ;).


Yesterday #BlackTwitter was in an uproar as we collectively learned that Vine would be no more. The social network responsible for some of the funniest videos and a wave of young black talent announced it would be shutting down in the next couple of months. While many of us have long since moved away from the platform that didn’t stop Twitter from honoring some of the best vines. If you’re looking for a good laugh just take a moment on the hashtag and get your life.

Best of Stuff We ♡

It’s Halloween weekend and we got you covered. Make sure you check out our list of black horror films to watch this weekend, get some costume inspiration from the Queen Bey, or try a few of these classic looks for a throwback Halloween party. And for those planning on a Halloween movie marathon, our contributor Valerie has a few more suggestions you should put on your list: Sugar Hill (1994), Bones (2001), Black & Mr. White (1976), D’s Revenge (1976). Have a great weekend!

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