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Kanye West Meets Trump at Tower

Definitely one of the biggest headlines this week revolved around Kanye West and Donald Trump. Shortly after his release from the hospital, Kanye West walked into Trump Towers for a meeting with the President-elect. Initially, a lot of speculation was taking place on what the meeting could be about. Many celebrities have spoken about this meeting and are ‘disappointed’ in the rapper and feel as if it were a publicity stunt. Since then, Kanye West has taken to Twitter to shed some light on the meeting. He has since said that they discussed “multicultural issues” such as “bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums, and violence in Chicago.”

Justice in Charleston: Jury Finds Dylann Roof GUILTY

This week the jury began deliberations for the case against Dylann Roof, a 22 year old white male who is accused with shooting nine black parishioners at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC. One of the survivors, Polly Sheppard testified that Roof came to her and asked her “Did I shoot you yet?” When Sheppard replied in the negative, he told her that he would only spare her life so she could go on to tell his story.

Deliberations began Thursday, December 15 and Roof was facing 33 counts including hate crimes. The jury came in with the verdict a few hours later and found him guilty on all charges. In the next phase of the trial, the jury will decide whether to give him the death penalty or life in prison.

 Lebron James Named Sportsman of the Year!

Lebron James

Photo via Sports Illustrated

Lebron James has had a WINNING year this 2016. After breaking the curse and winning his city of Cleveland a championship ring, he has been named Sports Illustrated sportsman of the year. On the cover of the issue, James is seen wearing a safety pin. Since the election in early November, the safety pin has become a sign for those who feel Trump is #NOTMYPRESIDENT. Essentially, the safety pin has become a symbol for those who feel that the Trump administration will not represent them during his presidency. According to James and ESPN, “the pin is intended to show that the wearer is a safe person to turn to.”

Birthday Shout Outs!

Happy 26th Birthday to Teyana Taylor! (December 10)

Happy 43rd Birthday to Mos Def! (December 11)

Happy 49th Birthday to Mo’Nique! (December 11)

Happy 46th Birthday to Regina Hall! (December 12)

Happy 49th Birthday to Jamie Foxx! (December 13)

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