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Treat Yo’Self: 4 Things You Should Do for YOU

Treat Yo Self

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No one can look out for you the way you can look out for yourself; after the man upstairs of course. Ensuring that we take care of ourselves is essential for our health and psyche. We have to show up for ourselves ladies! Here are four things that you should do for yourself to keep your mood bright and your spirits up.

Take Yourself on A Date

I often see people on social media express how they wish they can go here or there but they don’t have anyone to join them in the activity, so in turn they decide to stay indoors. Your happiness should not rely on someone being right beside you. Go for a walk in town and find a new coffee shop to unwind with a book, treat yourself to a matinee movie and eat all the popcorn, slide into that art show on your solo dolo, or finally check out that new burger spot you’ve been dying to try on your lonesome. Everyone needs a little ‘me time’ here and there; get used to doing somethings alone. You’ll find out more about yourself along the way.

Treat Yourself to Small Gifts

We’ve all had that time where we tried to convince ourselves we deserved that thing we absolutely didn’t need because- we work hard. So that inner voice cries, girl Treat Yo’Self! While this is very true, it doesn’t mean go shop ‘till you drop and max out your credit cards. If there are less expensive things that will brighten up your day/week/month, make a plan to gift yourself once in awhile with something that tickles your fancy. I started buying myself fresh cut flowers weekly. It brightens my mood plus adds a little joy to my home.

Pamper Yourself

When you look good, you feel good. Take some time to pamper yourself at least once a week. Whether it’s a standing appointment at the nail salon for a fresh mani and pedi or locking your kids out of the room to relax with a 20 minute at-home facial set with your mud mask and cucumbers; pampering yourself makes all the difference in you feeling your best. It’s the time where you can de-stress and rejuvenate yourself.

Practice the Power of Saying No

Being a ‘Yes Woman’ can be draining and ain’t nobody got time for that! While it can be empowering to check everything off your to-do list and take on additional tasks to crush, you have the power to say nope, not today. There’s no reason you should run yourself down to the ground. If you aren’t good to yourself, you can’t be of any good to others. Don’t shy away from saying no every now and again to take the time that you need to reset. You will be glad you did.

What are some ways that you show up for yourself? Share with us in the comments!

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