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Top 5 Janet Jackson Music Video Looks

Janet Jackson has made remarkable achievements in the music world. There is not one video we didn’t try to learn her dance moves from because they were just as innovative as her sultry, pop sound. Jackson also made some incredible fashion statements both on and off stage. During the 80s-00s her videos show an evolution in her style as well as some of her trademarks from wearing a key earring to sporting one arm pieces inspired by her late brother Michael Jackson. I’ve always felt that her looks fell between the sweet n’ innocent girl-next-door and to a powerful woman who was always in control. Her style is never  over the top, nor do they fall short of cutting edge that feel authentic to her an artist.

Here are my top 5 best Janet Jackson music video looks:


  1. “What’s It Gonna Be”- Who could forget the the music video, known as one the most expensive videos in history, that featured Janet Jackson looking like a killer dominatrix, dressed in indigo tight leather and a hairstyle that’s similar to Busta Rhymes’. I love how her outfit isn’t overexposed but rather a controlled sexy look while still being able to command a presence.
    Best Janet Video Looks: What's It Gonna Be
  1. “Love Will Never DO (Without You)”-  Jackson’s 1989 video for “Love Will Never Do (Without You)”  would have to be one of her most toned down looks but no one can be mad at her for it because she STILL looks beautiful. Wearing only a black spaghetti strap crop top and some high waisted jeans, her style looks fresh and natural.
    Best Janet Video Looks: Love Will Never Do
  1.  “All For You”- There are two things I love about Mrs. Jackson when it comes to this video: Her smile and her black leather jacket! She alternates between a couple tops including a multi-colored halter top, one white midriff top, and cut-up black top over a sequin bra. All of those are cute but let’s be real, that one arm jacket covered in colorful pins was the only piece of clothing I wanted for Christmas in 2001!
    Best Janet Video Looks: All for You
  1.  “Scream”- “Scream” made a big statement in pop culture. Not only was this the first video to feature Jackson sibling royalty in the same video (Michael and Janet had never done a music video together prior to this), it was also the first video of Janet Jackson in her most daring look.  Before she had only kept her makeup natural-looking but in “Scream” her eyes are more bold and smokey. She ditches the long locks opting for a more straight shorter do. She goes through several changes of clothing  from matching her brother’s spiky black sweater over some black tight pants to a tiny silver bikini underneath a silver/white fur coat. Jackson displays an overall sexy but artistic look fit for the 90s.
    Best Janet Video Looks: Scream
  1. “Rhythm Nation”- Lastly, “Rhythm Nation” tops the list. With moves like her brother Michael, Janet leads a group of men and women in a dance for social justice decked out in black unisex military garb, moving as one. The purpose behind the overall look for the video was to unite voices in the fight for gender and racial equality. It is a fight we are still battling today’s political climate. To this day, the uniforms in “Rhythm Nation” is one of her most memorable looks.
    Best Janet Video Looks: Rhythm Nation

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