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Tips For Achieving The Perfect Silk Press

Silk Press

Even if you have been natural for years, it is kind of nice to have your hair straightened every now and then, especially for those special occasions like a wedding or graduation. Unless you go to a salon, trying to get that super sleek & shiny hair can be hard to achieve. I love straightening my 4b/c hair during the summer. For one reason or another, my silk press won’t last any longer than 48hrs! After doing some research, as well as trial and error,  I learned a few tricks along the way. So if you looking to achieve that perfect sleek press, here are some tips to help you out:

1.) Cleanse. Your. Hair!

Seriously, this is probably one of the most important tips I can give you. Make sure you clean your scalp and get rid of any buildup! You do not want to do a silk press if you have not thoroughly cleansed your hair. Doing so will leave your hair looking dull. In some cases, trying to flat iron on dirty hair can cause heat damage because you are basically “frying” your hair due to the oils. You want to give your scalp to have a clean slate. That way your hair will thrive.

2.)  Deep Condition is a MUST!

After you cleanse your hair, you want to put the moisture back in and seal it with a deep conditioning treatment. Ideally, you should use indirect heat so the moisture is locked into the hair. This will also help prevent heat damage as you straighten your hair.

3.) Don’t Use Too Much Product!

I’m guilty of this. Plus, it’s one of the reasons why most silk presses fail often. You want to make sure you use just enough heat protectant/serums and leave-in conditioners on your hair. As the old saying goes, “a little goes a long way”. Your hair is usually wet at this point in the process so use a wide tooth comb to help distribute the product evenly.

4.) Put Your Hair Into Twists To Help Stretch Out The Hair

This is a good tip if your natural hair has a tighter texture. Before you blow dry your tresses and after you put your leave-ins and/or moisturizing heat protectants, put your hair into twists to help stretch out the hair before your blow-dry. Make sure your hair is at least 85-90% dry before you blow dry.

5.) Trim Dem’ Ends!

I know! I know! I hate trimming my hair too but if you want your hair looking good you gotta trim those ends! If not, your silk press will not look right. Your hair will thank you for it. In this case, it’s more about health than the style, so do this to keep your hair looking on point. Also too, trim only as much as you need to.There are tons of tutorials on youtube you can watch if you want to learn how to do it by yourself. Otherwise, please see a professional for help.

6.) Flat Iron In Small Sections

Another useful tip is to take your time and flat iron very small sections. This will help you achieve great results. You can also do the “chase method” while doing this, which is where you make the flat iron chase your comb as you straighten out your hair. It takes practice but this will help your silk press extra sleek.

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