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Summer Trips to Heat Up Your Relationship

Beyond her physical attributes, a few things drive men wild when it comes to their love interest: her spontaneity, confidence, and ability to enjoy life. Come packing those three attributes and you could find that you have gotten quite a grip on his attention. But, one awesome way to really give your relationship a bit of a charge is with a spicy summer trip for two.

Changing your scenery could prove to be a much needed respite from the daily grind or “rut” that couples may find themselves in. Also, summer trips together can be major catalysts for heating things up and romantically recharging your relationship. Here are a couple of ideas for summer trips to stoke your love:

Go for total privacy by renting a secluded beachfront property or lake home for your summer trips.

There is something magical about finding yourselves completely alone. Intimate summer trips seem to foster greater openness and reflection. For some, the more crowded the venue, the greater the distraction. This may cause someone to pay less attention to their love interest. Give yourselves totally to each other as you hide away during your summer trips. Additionally, cozy up during a fireside chat or simply take quiet walks as you admire each other and the world around you. The sound of the water, the star-filled sky, and enjoying each other’s company make for many beautiful and passionate moments together.

Get adventurous and take a culinary cruise together.

Have a glorious time basking at sea while exploring new and different foods together during your summer trips. Ideally, you can expect very intriguing themes and very romantic settings aboard the ship. Culinary cruises usually offer cooking classes. Learning how to cook with their companion really gives them a chance to get closer during these summer trips. Also,  experimenting and setting goals together can intensify your connection. Ultimately, the experience encourages physical closeness and teamwork. Working together may be extremely intellectually stimulating and help you gain an appreciation for each other’s contribution. Of course, you can anticipate the fun that you will have as things “heat up” between the two of you in the kitchen. Plus, many women love seeing a man cook. Imagine, if you will, recreating those yummy moments from your summer trips back at home. It could be absolutely delicious!

The best summer trips are the ones that give you a chance to show how much you value each other. Also, those summer trips that allow you to reflect on and respect what you both bring to the relationship can be priceless. With that will come sweet, tender moments that are sure to make you both feel loved and wanted.

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