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Skincare Myths We Gotta Let Go

Skincare Myths

When it comes to the secrets that lie within black women’s skin there are a lot of facts, fiction, and sometimes a mixture of the two floating around. And while, yes, we agree that there’s something about black skin that doesn’t crack easily, there are still many things that we gotta do to protect the melanin. In the summer especially. Here are few skincare myths that we gotta let go this summer and beyond to keep our skin looking its best.

MYTH: You don’t need sunscreen

We gotta start with this one because so many black women are misinformed when it comes to using sunscreen on a daily basis and in the season where most of us are out and about under the sun all day, this is not an option. The common thought is that since black skin contains more melanin and doesn’t usually get sunburned, we don’t need protection. Wrong! We absolutely need protection from the sun anytime we leave the house. Without it, you run the risk of sun damage which leads to premature aging in the skin–so much for black don’t crack. Find a sunscreen that works for you and make sure you apply it DAILY.

MYTH: Black people don’t get skin cancer

Whew, this one is just a popular as the sunscreen discussion. Again, because our skin is loaded with melanin–the blacker the berry and all that–there’s the common misconception that we can’t get skin cancer. This is 100% false and even dangerous to believe. The facts are, black people can get skin cancer and unfortunately it’s often misdiagnosed or diagnosed much too late due to these beliefs. The truth is simple, regardless of your skin tone, if you’re not protecting your skin, you’re putting it at risk for serious damage including skin cancer.

MYTH: Anti-aging products are unnecessary

Whether it’s eye creams, serums, anti-aging moisturizers, or foundations with a few extra benefits, oftentimes black women skip over including these in their skincare routines. Most of us are banking on that fountain of youth every black women seems to have secret access to but here’s the real secret: use anti-aging skincare products. No matter how good those genes are, we can’t fight the signs of age forever. Making anti-aging skincare part of your routine in your early 30s can help your skin look so much more youthful for longer. Yes, we might have a little anti-aging magic flowing through us naturally but combine that with a good skincare routine and your skin will thank you!

What black women skincare myths have you heard and are ready to let go?

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