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Single Life 101: How To Cope When All Your Friends Are Getting Married

Have you ever felt some kind of way as you watch all your closest friends get married?  If so, it’s totally normal. Because summer is usually that season when many people get married, it’s common to feel the blues when you are single. It’s not fun being the only one in your circle without a soulmate but that doesn’t mean you should lose hope. To help ease the discomfort, here are some tips to help you cope when all your friends are getting married:

Be Genuinely Happy For Them

Watching all your best friends walk down the aisle and exchange vows with their beloved can bring up many emotions. It’s easy to feel a bit sad in the midst because you might feel left out. Honor how you feel but remember that you want to express gratitude and happiness for your friends. All those good vibes will come back to you in return.

Know Your Time Will Come

If marriage is something you desire,  just know that it can happen to you too. See in your singleness as a good thing. Marriage is requires a lot of responsibility that you need to be prepared for. For now find the beauty in being alone, work on yourself, and know you are worthy of having a loving life partner. Next thing you know, the one may come into your life unexpectedly.

Accept The Fact Things Will Change

Marriage changes people’s lives. Though you may still be friends with your married best friend, it’s best to be prepared for an influx of change. They may move out of town, start having kids, and hang out with other married couples. That doesn’t mean you will never see your married BFF every again. Keep in contact and still hang out with them when you can. Just be understanding and embrace the changes that will come.

Hang Out With Other Single Friends

Being married isn’t the end all be all. Sure you are glad to see your friends take the plunge but you are still single. One great way to Cope is by getting out there and making new friends with other single people. Have fun with your life and embrace your status. Be happy that you are not tied down. You’re free to still discover yourself and do want you want with your life without a partner.

Being the only single one may be a bummer but don’t let that get you down for long. Rejoice in your friends new-found marital bliss but also celebrate your singleness. Soon enough, your friends will be attending your wedding someday.

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