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Quiz: How Well Do You Know About “In Living Color”?

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In Living Colorwill go down as one the most hilarious, albeit controversial, comedy sketch shows of the 90s! Sharing a similar format to Saturday Night Live, In Living Color featured a predominantly black cast,focused more on African American topics, and used “ghetto” styled humor that was never done before on television for mainstream audiences. It produced eyebrow-raising skits of wacky characters and parodies of pop culture at the time that left viewers in stitches. Despite its contentious nature, the show was a success. It also led to the rise of today’s A-list talent like Jamie Foxx and Jim Carrey.

Do you remember In Living Color?Take our quiz to see how well you know the show.

Do you have a favorite skit? When you are done, share with us in the comments below your thoughts on the beloved show!

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