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Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Kids and kids-at-heart are all over the globe counting down to that when they will get their Christmas gifts! There will be sleepless nights and that weird feeling that you’ve left someone off of your list by mistake…even after you’ve “checked it twice”. After you’ve spent months scouring the internet for just the right gift or canvassed every store in your local mall, you might still find that you have more to buy. You may need to get a few last minute Christmas gifts.  

Let Us Help You With Those Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Before you stress out too much in your efforts to make the holidays magical for everyone that you love, relax. You don’t have to do this one alone. Let us be your “helper elves” to get those last minute Christmas gifts in order. To make this task a little less daunting, while keeping in mind that the clock is steadily ticking, we have put together a list of holiday gift items that will save the day. With these gems, you can expect plenty of hugs, wide-eyed smiles, and appreciation. Remember, they will never know that these were last minute Christmas gifts unless you tell them!

Something Hands-Free Could Be Just The Thing

For the multitasking, industrious, or even lazy person in your life, there is a new hands-free phone holder that they won’t be able to live without. This awesome Christmas gift idea is the extra set of hands that we sometimes feel that we need. It is designed so that it can be either worn around the neck or used as a flexible docking station for your phone. It’s super easy to use and extremely helpful, especially for college students or anyone who might need to use their phone while handling other business.

When Food Is Life

For your favorite foodie, you could put together an amazing goody basket as a last minute Christmas gift. There are many overstock stores and, of course, regular supermarkets that sell gourmet items. Begin with a basket and build it with items that your loved one will appreciate. Another option is to create themed baskets. For example, if someone likes spicy foods, their basket might have small bottles of sriracha sauce, spicy snack foods, and gobs of the spiciest dried peppers. Whatever you decide, just be sure to include things in this last minute Christmas gift that someone will really enjoy!

Share Captured Moments

Photo gifts are always awesome because they can be personalized and they often capture moments that are special. Many stores offer one hour photo services. While some more elaborate photo gifts may require ordering, a beautiful frame and a print of your favorite pics could be assembled and packaged quickly.

Get Fun and Wild With The Kids Gifts

Kids love toys. But, they also like fun things to wear. So, for the girls in your life, fun, animal eared or sparkly headbands are very popular. Pair these with a coordinated shirt or pajamas, and you will make some cuties super happy. For the boys, opt for animal paw slippers or superhero themed gift items. With these last minute Christmas gifts, you are sure to get plenty of smiles.  

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