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How to Really Stress Less

Written By: Saeeda Ruffin

Everyone on the planet has experienced stress. It’s universal! It’s also super unhealthy for you, mentally and physically, and it can--literallyeat at who you are. No one wants to deal with stress, and yet, it’s an unavoidable part of life that we all deal with at some point. That being saidhow you handle stress can make the difference between whether it conquers you or whether you conquer it. Obviously, the hope is that you are equipped to deal with it and not let it take over your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Stress can be life-threatening and Queen, you deserve a great life, so you want to do everything possible to keep stress at bay. These strategies for a more peaceful journey maybe just the thing that you need to show you how to REALLY stress less.

Learn To Laugh

It may seem basic, but the reality is that much of life’s stress comes from taking things way too seriously. Uh, it’s just a thing for some folksbut it doesn’t have to be YOUR thing. You can overcome it by simply learning to laugh. Whether it’s learning to laugh at a situation or at yourself, laughter can have a transformative and cleansing effect. If you are struggling with finding the “funny”, check out some crazy videos or even go to a comedy club. Laughter is powerful.

Stop Expecting Perfection All the Time 

All too often, people become extremely stressed out when plans fall through. Whether it’s on the job or in their personal lives, things just don’t always work out as they had hoped, and they have a hard time dealing with it. This leads to a tremendous amount of anxiety and, more importantly, unrealistic expectations. Well, Sis, nobody's perfect. To offset these feelings, try not to always expect perfection from yourself or from others. People make mistakes and things happen. Adjust your expectations accordingly and your stress level should significantly decrease.

Grant Yourself Grace

Things won’t always be just right and there may be times when you must accept that. When that happens, extend some grace to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up. Consider the situation, reflect, then RELEASE it. What’s done is done, and the past can never be changed. Give grace to yourself and you may find that you do the same for others a lot more freely.

Make Relaxation A Life Requirement

Taking time to come down from your day or life’s stressors should be a definite part of your life. You need to make relaxation a required activity. Doing so can change your mindset, transform your outlook, and help to restore your inner peace.

A great way to relax is by scheduling self-care days. Quite frankly, most women don’t designate enough self-care days, but never fear, we got this Sis. In this month’s Brown Sugar Box, you have the perfect ‘fit: a super -“Self-Care” T-Shirt, satin pajama pants to lounge in, and a beautiful head wrap to wear on your self-care day. So designate the day, set the atmosphere and do what you need to do for your inner peace...stress less.

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