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How to Embrace Your Magic

Words can not express how refreshing it is to see movements like Black Girls Rock and Magical Black Girls take over our timelines and real life conversations. There is something truly magical when black women recognize their own uniqueness that is as beautiful as their skin color and hair texture. It took a while for the hashtag #blackgirlsaremagic to get the viral attention it deserved but when it did, black women from all over the world embraced the term to celebrate black femininity and create solidarity.

We live by this hashtag (by its essence and not all the time on social media) because it serves as a reminder that black/brown skin is beautiful and we have something to offer to this world. The more we see this going around on social media the more inspired we get to contribute to this collective outreach. So here are a couple of ways for you can embrace your inner magic:

  1. Post Your Best Selfie

Post a photo of your beautiful face to remind the world (and yourself) that being black is beautiful.

Embrace Your Magic

  1. Share Your Creativity With The World

Whatever is is that you create, share it with the world. Find the online communities, digital platforms, and magazines where black women are sharing their creativity so you can support and share yours too. 

Embrace Your Magic

  1. Be Proud of Your Roots

Advocate for women to understand that while being black comes with challenges, you are more than just brown skin and struggle. Be proud of your heritage.   

Embrace Your Magic

    1. Love What You Do and Own It! 

Part of proclaiming #blackgirlsaremagic is self-acceptance, owning all parts of you, and defining of yourself for yourself. Whatever it is that you do, say it out loud and own it.

Embrace Your Magic

  1. Try Something New

Challenge yourself to do something different, step outside of your comfort zone, or dig deeper into any area of your life. Getting a little uncomfortable is a great way to tap into your inner magic.

Embrace Your Magic

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